Can You Share Tecnoblog Texts Also on Google+

This text is not just a text. This text is also a reminder to you, dear reader, enjoy the facilities of social networks to disseminate content that you find daily here at TB – including some liveliest weekends in tech news, as some of you well noted in the last times.

We have integration with Twitter, Facebook, send texts by email, and now the share button Google +. Come on, it’s time to use it.

It is true that the new social network Google+ (do not go to forget that Orkut is still out there going strong, or so) is still no absolute success. Anyway, we already have direct share button to your Google Plus profile here. How it works? I’ll show you now.

Whenever you find the +1 button, simply click to support content with the Google social web system. It’s like saying “Hmmm, this text is nifty, Google.” It’s a good start.

To share with your circles on Google+ note that the button opens a balloon with the option to write a message – that’s where you put the reason that makes you share the text on the social network (or whatever you want to write, to even the criticism that occasionally appear). After writing the text, be sure to check the circles with whom you want to socialize content. (Tip: have a circle called “technology” facilitates this time) The next step is to click “Share”; in seconds this update will appear on your Google+.

Doing this helps to spread the bacanudo content that you find here in TB. Not like some text? Just do not share and ready. Or share badmouthing, which is totally legitimate.

Let’s share the most of the legal texts our site also on Google+.

And it’s always good to remember: the button Facebook in posts also allows the same kind of sharing. In addition to enjoying the text, you can write a brief comment that will appear directly on your history publications.