Carolina Castillo Fashion

The newest owner of wardrobe women’s desire has first name, last name and a perfect profession to rock in looks: the magazine editor Carolina Castillo, character of Juliana Paes in the novel, which has just totally awesome debut at 7:00 pm schedule

To embody Carol, Juliana did lab with Daniela Hawk, Director of editorial for Vogue Brazil. And, of course, always the comparison with the most famous fashion editor of fiction: Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada. You can draw parallels between the style and the personality of the characters, but the inspiration for these looks came from Carine Roitfeld, former French Vogue and CR’s current Fashion Book and other muses fashionistas.

:: Meryl Streep claims that would result in the Devil Wears Prada

:: Beyond the technique and creation. As designers and trend dictators are adapting to the new pace of the fashion world

Costume designer Ezinereligion sought the help of stylist Pedro Salles (habitué of Vogue) to mount the compositions. If Roitfeld was the first inspiration, other more famous name dropped as a glove to Crown the result: Kim Kardashian. Parts marking the body, neutral tones, modern airs, but with plenty of sensuality and focus on women empowerment: extolling the curves, but with strong appearance.

The secret to abuse of sensuality without sinning by excess is investing in tailoring, parts with quality fabrics, beautiful finish and think on balance rule: try not to show everything at once. The distance of vibrant colours and striking prints also facilitate the task. To copy in real life, it’s worth it easy on silhouette set and leave the neckline more discreet if the idea is to use the inspiration at work.

:: To inspire! The style of the fashion editor Christine Centenera, Muse of Kim Kardashian

We will comment some looks?

This safari inspired look full of sex appeal, but with superprofissional air. The pencil skirt is a classic and is cool with the crack, the template should appear frequently in the compositions and looks good in the turns of Juliana Paes. The shirt in military green finish WINS due to the belt style belt. In fact, the maximum belts already has guaranteed space in stores in the coming months, are trademark of costumes and great for marking love the Brazilian generous curves.

Get inspired at home

Want to adopt the feminine style, powerful and sexy by Carolina Castillo, Juliana Paes fashionista character?

Jot this down: pencil skirts and midi-length dresses that mark well the waist, neutrals (black, gray, nude), earth-toned accessories, belts, bracelets, exper style sunglasses large and striking. And the main: a lot of self-confidence to command attention inevitable that looks amazing and you will attract.

Midi dress with deep cleavage refers to the years 1970 disk with fashion pleated skirt. Neutral tones, especially nudes accompany until the makeup – prepare the nude lipstick which Carolina uses every day and her nails painted colored stiletto promise to turn hit. The earth-toned accessories close with a golden key.

For the occasion, the night look wins appeal over femme fatale: black dress with strategic cutouts and crack. Note that, although the model be (well) fair, the elongated length balances and prevents the composition lands on doubtful. To accompany the black total, dark lipstick (Diva, Mac) and nails idem, leaving everything modern and refined. Hairstyles also help keep the air “Rico” character, low ponytail with hair split right down the middle is a favorite. For the party, hair, although loose, are smooth and well behind, without fighting with the details of the dress.

Eight or 80: Carolina chooses or vertiginous necklines, or Turtleneck, one of the biggest trends of today. Here she calls the little black dress for the daytime game. The touch of color is metallic handbag of the Maison Française Lanvin. What you can’t miss? Sunglasses imposing and wide belt marking the waist as well.