Casio Watch Gwg-1000 Mudmaster G-Shock

Casio presents the new G-SHOCK-perfect for desert, mud and other extreme situations: Gwg-1000 Mudmaster.

Triple sensor measures the direction of the sky, air pressure/altitude and temperature – protection against sludge and vibrations. The new shock-resistant G-SHOCK GWG-1000 of the MUDMASTER collectionhas been specially designed to withstand sludge and vibrations. It plays out its advantages in many different adverse outdoor environments perfectly.

Casio Promotion Video for the GWG-1000 Series:

For many years, Casio has regularly extended the outstanding shock resistance of the G-SHOCK watches by adding many innovative design and design features. These include the Pilot’s Watch G-SHOCK GW-A1100 [ in increased Triple G Resist construction to protect against impact, G-forces and vibrations], which was developed specifically for the needs of recreational pilots and the G-SHOCK GWN 1000 [ equipped With triple sensor for precise determination of the direction of the sky, air pressure/altitude and temperature.], Which supports the water sports fan in the high seas. Both of these analog models provide the wearer with the ultimate Toughness at any time. The 3 new MUDMASTER models G-SHOCK GWG-1000-1AER, GWG-1000-1A3ER and GWG-1000-1A9ER have been specially designed for use in the desert, muddy terrain and others Harsh outdoor environments. In addition to its impact resistance, the watch is mud resistant and withstand external influences such as mud and debris. All keys are protected against the ingress of sludge and ensure that all functions are available at all times. The watch is shock resistant and can withstand shocks of off-road or other outdoor activities. The wearer can rely on his G-SHOCK in any position. The GWG-1000 has a compass display for the precise direction determination as well as an air pressure meter for the prediction of weather changes. The clock displays prominent hour and minute hands and large digits on the index. This design underscores the toughen look of the G-SHOCK brand and makes it easy to read the watch.

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Here is technical data of the Gwg-1000 Mudmaster, arranged by timedictionary:

execution Shockproof and protected from shocks
power Waterproof up to 20 bar, cold insensitivity down to -10° C
Radio frequencies 77.5 kHz (DCF77: Germany), 60 kHz (MSF: Great Britain), 60 kHz
(WWVB: USA), 40 kHz (YYY: Fukushima, Japan)/ 60 kHz (YYY: Kyushu, Japan) (BPC: China)
Signal reception Automatic reception up to six times a day, manual reception
Digital compass Measures the
direction and displays it as one of 16 points with the second pointer, measuring range: 0°to 359°, measuring unit: 1°; 60 seconds of continuous measurement
barometer Measuring range: 260 hPa to 1,100 hPa, measuring unit: 1 hPa, graphic
pressure difference (±10hPa), graphic air pressure tendency (last 20 hours), air pressure tendency indicator
Height meter Measuring range: -700 to 10,000 m, measurement unit: 1 m, manual
memory measurement (up to 30 data records with altitude, date, time), automatic protocols (max./min.high, total ascent/descent of individual treks), display of altitude changes ± 100 m/±1000 m); Other functions: display relative altitude (-3000 m to 3.000 m),
setting of measuring interval*3(every 5 seconds/ every 2 minutes)
* 3 only 1 second in the first 3 minutes
thermometer Measuring range: -10°C to 60°C, measuring unit: 0.1°C
World time 29 cities (29 time zones, summer and winter
time on/off, switching between time at home location and world time)+UTC, automatic changeover daylight saving time/standard time+UTC
stopwatch 1/100 seconds, measuring capacity: 24 hours
Countdown timer Unit of measurement: 1 second (maximum 60 minutes)
alarm 5 independent daytime alarms, hourly signal
More functions Automatic calendar, 12/24-hour format, charge level indicator,
on/off button, automatic double LED lighting
power supply Tough solar technology (high-performance solar charging system)
Continuous operation After full charge approx. 23 months with energy saving function*4 ON*4 : In darksurroundings, the display turns off after some time
Housing size 59.5 × 56.1 × 18.0 mm
total weight Approx.100g

Source: Casio Press release from March 18, 2015 (on the Baselworld9 
screenshot: Uhrendirectc