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You will find a lot of different products in the range for casual bags. The bags are designed for various leisure activities. You can order among other sturdy sports bag. The personal sports equipment can be safely stored in the models and modern designs also allow it to be used as accessory for everyday wear.

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The sports bags are available in various colors for sale and have a stable carrying strap, which can be flexibly adapted to different body sizes in length. The upper material of plastic is durable and easy to clean.

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Products for transporting a laptop are also available in the wide range for casual bags. Here you find for example, backpacks, which are equipped with a protective laptop compartment.

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Casual bags for use in cycling

The casual bags meant at abbreviationfinder are continuously from recognized manufacturers. You can also purchase customized models specifically to the needs of cycling.

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These bags can be bought among other things in the form of bicycle backpacks. The products have many useful features: so they are produced with sturdy foam back giving optimal ventilation at the back. Buy right now leisure bags in high quality!

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A small, smart, unobtrusive and yet noble case for the relatively small and valuable Leica Q should be purchased.

Do you know that? A bag should be smaller and less in a bag inside is so elaborate and the search for the appropriate bag is more difficult.

The market of small pockets is for this immensely large, but I am also no simple “bag buyers”, so my “special requests”- at least always my dear wife says… and then it must be Yes.*wink*.

When I bought the Leica Q (after a long fight with me yourself…) thought I first remember, my other “favorite camera bag”, the Compganon Little Messenger for it to use.When the small Leica was “there”, I had to realize that this planned bag for it are somehow too, when really only a spare battery, a spare memory, the sunglasses and the Smartphone (a Galaxy note 4) to be tucked in.

Now it was my problem. Some of my “chat friends”, which are all almost exactly as”are crossed” in terms of camera bags, advised me directly to the Oberwerth Bayreuth, which I already knew, but which I wanted to somehow at first not really warm. She would fit in extremely well with my “everyday Office bag”, the Oberwerth Munich, but is it really this small bag? I was skeptich.

Because the holidays getting closer and I was still no further with my “excruciating” Pocket worries, I ordered mine then eventually the Bayreuth . I had the Munich in black fabric with dark brown leather and I ordered the Bayreuth in full leather and dark brown. So both bags fit together well, but still no twin siblings. So ordered!

Now I have the good little (and very valuable-SIGH) piece, the Oberwerth Bayeuthfor over a week in use and must say my advisors and friends were right and know me and my taste seemingly better than I do myself.

The small is a gem, and I mean not only the price but also the sensational quality of leather and the legendary processing I. We speak here without if and but – by the King class of camera bags. The small Bayreuth is BB´s also a handmade product in Germany like the other Oberwerth and is of a quality his peers in the market is looking for, also among the other high-quality and high-priced leather bag manufacturers.

In the Bayreuth, the smallest of the Oberwerth portfolio, fit following terminated for me:

Leica Q with hood and Cap

Battery (in a separate pocket on the rear “inside” (is actually intended to be a Smartphone but just too small for my touch 4)

Memory card in SD-card box in a separate pocket on the front “inside”

Flashlight or Leatherman in leather bag or Sonebrille in the ray-ban case

Smartphone-Galaxy rated 4 in the front pocket

Small notebook and pen in leather case
(both under the Leica Q lying on bottom of bag)

With these items, the bag is well loaded, but nothing is pinched or must “get pressed” are.

The bag is sealed with a flap and this is held with one of the ingenious Loxx closures and fixed. Completely geräuchlos, this can happen as the camera is also very discreetly in the noise. A great team for churches and offices. I am already the two there after the holidays to employ me.

The Bayreuth is supplied with a small partition (now not to see the pictures above) very firmly and maintained on both sides with two velcro dividers to both sides.

On both sides of the ears are Bayreuth one can affix firmly on the inner walls or just above standing ears can use so that no rain water penetrates into the Pocket sewn on leather.This type of ears we know also from other photo bags, but one these in tight circles can, I particularly like in this case since this then when the weather simply do not disturb.

The strap is adjustable, could be in my case but 10-20 cm longer to carry the bag across more easily over the upper body with the thick winter jacket. The belt should be like inMunich against cut with a steel cable protected if I have correctly remembered. The belt makes even quite noble in the feel and the same leather little “harder” and “rigid” but like the bag. A sliding shoulder pad is also attached to the belt, which is fitted on the inside with a kind of “Foam rubber” and has thus practically no chance to slip off the shoulder.

The bag fits to me and my little Leica Q as the “fist on the eye”, as they say.

Whether the Pocket whopping worth 499 euros you, I can not answer you. This is very a lot of money for a very small bag. Yet is the used all first quality leather and is 100% “Made in Germany” and “Hand Made” and worth a corresponding extra charge I still like.If the small Bayreuth is so durable and high quality, such as my great Munich, then it will be exactly the same awesome in a year and even in many years like now after only a week.I look forward to grow old with this bag. (so even older…)

And quite frankly, the alternative given me by my wife but not really what I was looking for but also incredibly chic…

Leather goods are like jewelry, which can with words and photos and videos just not professional”to transport”, there simply too many sensations and perceptions resonate with. That’s why I can recommend you only just”to handle these handmade bags in stores” and “experience”. It is worth!