Choose the Right Bracelet

Bracelets range from beads to leather straps. Jewelry characterizes the impression of a man whom he makes on others, because as clothes make the man, it does the right jewelry selection of course.


Fashion Pearls: Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets and Earrings

Fashion Pearls never go out of fashion, but was featured in the years 2012/2013 and for those who love rock, continued this in fashion, giving your charm, delicacy and beauty in looks in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.Fashion pearls give glamour, elegance and sophistication, see tips on where to buy the jewelry.


Fashion Bracelets: How Cheap Accessories, Blends Models

May seem extreme, but the Bracelets are the major players among the fashion accessories and undergo variations of a featured more in sizes, ranging in larger, medium-sized or smaller bracelets, but are always present in looks and arms.Extremely valued, they were trained by the French Vogue as absolute trends of next season (2013), especially the more colorful […]


Practical Guide to Buy Jewelry on the Internet

Whether at home or at work, anytime you can perform an online purchase. In the past people were too afraid to purchase products over the internet, today the scene is different and the number of online sales increases every day. For this, there are many security measures that must be followed. On the internet you […]


New Year: with that Piece of Jewelry I’m Going?

Truth be told. At the turn of the year, everyone thinks about what look to use, the color and the model best suited to the occasion chosen. But what about the jewels? We know the important role in the production of fashion accessories. So, in this new year: with that piece of jewelry you will?

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Some Tips on How to Clean Jewelry

Jewelry, we got there. Such as handbags or shoes, please take care and be careful. To make them shine and find them like new, it just have to wash them. We give you all the tips to clean your jewelry.


See Why You Should Invest in Jewellery and Precious Stones

The jewelry are timeless pieces that please differentiated age groups, styles and genres. There will always be some piece that will be compatible with your taste. So, buy jewelry or gift with they will be always good alternatives. That girlfriend or wife would not want to win a piece of jewelry in any special occasion? […]


Learn How to Combine Maxi Earrings and Maxi Necklaces

The sets of earrings and necklaces maxi maxi is on the rise, and on the catwalks of the world it is possible to find several references of this trend. But the question that might arise is often time to combine these pieces, is it possible? To solve all issues, Aline Lima had an encounter with fashion consultant […]