CBB Launches Powerful Promotions with Lots of Data

In a birthday discount Debuts CBB now a package where you get plenty of talk of 109 kroner and lots of data. Read more about the offer here.

Competition among telecommunications companies in Denmark are fierce, and the whole time trying the different companies launching new campaigns and adjoining services to subscriptions in order to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Now, there are Telenor CBB is slightly cheaper company, now ready with a promotional offer in connection with their birthday, and here we are talking about a subscription to a good price and with much of what most customers demand, for lots of data.

The new quote sounds at 10 hours of talk and all 30 GB of data for only 109 kroner per month. Thus, it is one of the subscriptions, where you get the most data for money.

In addition to voice and a good deal of data, then you get with your subscription also free speech to other CBB-customers, free data usage in the Facebook app as well as free SMS and MMS.

One thing you must of course have in mind is that this subscription is not inlkluderet some extra services like our site. music service Tidal that otherwise are to be found in many other of the Cbb packages.
In recent years, we have generally seen a lot of these discount firms pop up, and most recently was the new company, Tjeep, that appeared on the Danish scene. With their arrival they proclaimed that they are Denmark’s cheapest company, which our study actually also could confirm.

The new offer from CBB is however cheaper per GB of data, so if you want to have large quantities of this, well then it may be, you should take a closer look at their page here.