Ceramidea Design Digital: the Photo Ceramic art Reinvents the Decoration

By love for crafts and design, Chiara Parazzini gave birth to his project CeramIdea Digital and a workshop of technique based on the ceramic decoration artistic fotoceramica.

More and more creative in this process are the perfect means of expression to give life to their ideas and create unique objects, starting from original drawings. In fact, the fotoceramica allows you to customize the ceramic objects by transferring any design on their surface through a special thin decal. decorative objects, furnishing accessories, table accessories or coatings for the home are transformed into unusual and colorful proposals.

Clear, thanks to the collaboration with talented young designers, creates exclusive collections that reinterpret the tradition of handicraft decoration, focusing on the originality of the designs and the ability to create customized solutions.

Cute colorful birds come to life on vases, plates or sets of macedonia services thanks to fun and romantic collection Birds signed by designer Angela Mennuni.

Geometric and essential design, enlivened by vivid color combinations, characterize the proposal from the designer Francesca Macchi for the series Joy, which are already part cans, antipastiere and original set of cups with clean lines and design.

Skyline brings to the table the profile of metropolitan landscapes in soft pastel colors.

Clear through CeramIdea has found the opportunity to please those looking for a special gift or an object or a complement for the home that both original and personal, through love for graphics, design and creative crafts.