Chandeliers and Pendants: 6 Inspirations for Your Dining Room

Have you ever stopped to think that chandeliers and pendants, as well as functional, can help in your home decor? As the lighting is essential environments, you can create great compositions.

You can use the classic or modern pendants chandeliers to illuminate and decorate your dining room, for example. But there are so many options and models that is hard to choose, isn’t it?

Don’t worry! Hetongdiy has selected 6 inspirations for you innovate in your decoration environment, using chandeliers and pendants, and enjoy it more:


1-crystal chandeliers

Classics! Crystal chandeliers bring a traditional glamour, but have been redesigned, uniting the old to the new. A more casual dining room, for example, can bring rustic elements or simplistic and be broken by the sophistication and refinement of a crystal chandelier.

That these chandeliers are ideal to illuminate indoor environments and are generally produced in steel with fabric finishes and crystals. The crystals with various designs bring arms, which are perfect in spaces with high ceilings.

2-wrought iron chandeliers

For those who don’t like a lot of classic style and glamour of the crystals, an interesting option for decorating with wrought iron lighting.

Chandeliers made in this material are more loaded visually, but are great for environments of more discrete colors, they want something more sophisticated. The crafts are usually the most breathtaking!

3-industrial Pendants

A big trend in the world of architecture and decoration is the industrial style, that brings the impersonality of concrete and a more sober tone to the home.

As part of this line of decorating with industrial traits also are pending, breaking a little aesthetic protocols and leave out what nobody liked. Interesting and practical!

4-metal Pendants

For dining rooms as modern as the decorated by industrial pendants, are those that bring metal pendants. They are high and can be found in several models, but silver and gold versions are the most sought after.

6-outstanding games

For the volume of a chandelier, but still modern and unusual style of decorating, pending games are a perfect option.

They are made of various materials, such as aluminum, uncritical and fabrics, for example. The arrangements are a sort of game with several light fixtures, which grouped form an outstanding bulkier, with more points of light.

In addition to the volume, you can play with the height of the parts and the pending according to the purpose of the place. Is a composition more risky, but if you let any well-made environment, including dining rooms, very original.

The chandeliers and pendants can be that ACE in the hole to end a perfect decor in dining rooms. Liked our inspirations? So, comment in the post and tell us which one you choose for your environment!