Chanel Bags: Claudia Schiffer Chose Coco Cocoon

Of all the celebrities it is one of the most expensive fashion house, after all she herself was and still is one of the faces which he represented. How many times have you seen Claudia Schiffer attend a party or an event wearing a precious jacket Chanel? Or make a testimonial to one of the French fashion house collection? Many, because it is not a mystery that Karl Lagerfeld, the signing of the historic house, the beautiful top model has a soft spot for years now, and that over time has had the opportunity to photograph her ​​often, managing to capture the sides sometimes less angelic, as a historian of Vanity Fair shoot in which the beautiful top appeared in pin up version under the guidance of Karl Lagerfeld photographer.

Currently retired, after having given the world a shot without veils which shows his belly, among other signed just by Lagerfeld, the blonde German model, who gave birth a few days ago a little girl, she does not neglect her look , and if maybe more adherents leaders are not to be considered in its own ropes right now (although I’m willing to bet that will contend the role of new mother from perfect line with the extraordinary Gisele Bundchen, who a short time after giving birth has sported an almost best course) is definitely attentive to the choice of accessories. The statuesque supermodel was recently spotted while walking with his arm a large quilted Chanel signature model, of course.

The bag of the French fashion house founded by the legendary Coco is part of the collection Coco Cocoon, that, to be clear that the other muse of Karl Lagerfeld, Vanessa Paradis, is the testimonial . Be the muse of Karl Lagerfeld must not be so bad, is not it?