Chic Round Sunglasses

Sun is not only our friend but also partly enemy. Today defend against enemy into a modern, stylish. Thus, we contribute sunglasses, which can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays to create a unique image or highlight the existing wardrobe.

Round Sunglasses – Extravagant Detail

Points a la John Lennon, “Ozzy” were popular 60-70 years. They prefer mostly representatives of the counterculture, it is necessary to hide dilated pupils and red eyes. In the 90th district. This model is the top of glory to Russia, it should be noted in this regard has already forgotten names Bogdan Tytomyra, Dr. Alban, Sergei Chelobanova ( After that young people do not show this accessory, bravely wore round “curtain”. Today, round black glasses prefer extravagant people like singer Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Grigory Leps. Repeatedly in the way they use Madonna. by the way, connoisseurs of this model is known.

This detailed image is the choice of autonomous man who spit on bias free. Very few dare to such a choice, even if the form is to get up. Yet data points should have in their arsenal, they are suitable for informal events where you will not feel “black sheep” round sunglasses.
Variations in Model 
Round sunglasses can be thick or thin frame made of different materials, with dark, clear lenses or lenses chameleon. Among the variety of stand glasses. They have a perfect circular lens which is framed with a wire frame. This is a very rare variant, first accompanying hippies. They not fit the classic style, sports, romantic, but will look great in dramatic form, with a combination of red and black colors in clothing. This accessory will be nice to combine with scarf, light makeup. But do not overdo it – too bold makeup and plenty of accessories will make you look like a Christmas tree.
A popular model is the mirror and round glasses. It is in this scenario are the most common. The accessory can be frames and lenses of different colors, for example, can often see red, blue or green round glasses.

To Fit Round Sunglasses?

Choosing eye protection must primarily take into account the shape of the face. But also plays a role in hair, the shape of the eyes and nose, eyebrows curve. Not suitable for the form of the same person on the round. It would seem ridiculous. But elongated or oval face with a sharp nose is a very good option.
Round glasses look great with “square” hairstyle and long flowing hair, thick curls. Often they “sit” on a thin face. Although it is sometimes nice to look at and a great person, but only if you have a thin frame.
In any case, buying a enhancement is necessary to make sure that she looked harmoniously with all the time and not a foreign object, even attention.
Funny looking round glasses lower for women: they are like aliens or fairy tale characters. But the highest beauties worth buying. Once you choose your style of round dots of color framework can highlight its unique personality, he gave mystery call to the world, unconventional.
“Granny glasses”, “glasses for the blind”, “Botany” – a modern, elegant accessory hole on the beach, at a party in everyday life.