Chico’s Summer Collection

Chicks our day is coming! On March 8 we celebrate International Women’s day, a very important date. Now tell me one thing that combines with us? Sets! It’s exactly what I’m going to talk now and the story here is not only fashion, but fashion with style and great personality.

The Chico Rei also entered the women’s Day celebration and just launched a new summer collection. The Chico Chic just out of the oven and I’m dying to use the new parts. They were made thinking in the hottest season of the year and of course, in us that we are going to use them.

The Chico Chic basic parts and brought very elegant. You do not need to worry about clothes marking that fat horrid. Modeling is loose, the colors are clear and the pictures take a lot of personality.

A piece which I thought was pretty cool was the blouse Diamonds. She is a little longer, arriving at the height of the butt, allowing sit casually making sure that anything that should not appear is showing. The cutout shoulders and the palas with abas gave a “tchan” on my blouse and devore mesh (one that has some parts more transparent than others) fell like a glove with the geometric designs.

Another model that found that fits like a glove is the race CosmicMind. To your modeling is very romantic with the evasê bar and more slim. It also has your back all in devorê tissue closing with a golden key. Is a wonderful choice for a ride with the “love nut” on a sunny weekend.

Besides the blouse is very versatile. In fact, this is not a characteristic only of this piece. All blouses Chico Chic can be used peacefully, in the summer, both during the day and come out at night. For example, you can use them with a short jeans and a flat sandals and at night, with a look more for ballad, a leather pants, a shoe color paw stocking that you prefer and get the shirt. It’s perfect!