Child Development Stages Games

H and 5 months your child begins to catch objects-not only when you put them in his hand, but when you see them and can only touch them by hand. That, says prof. Gencho Piryova is early contact of the child with the toy.

At the end of the first year the child becomes more deftly. It can now walk and began “dangerous” period browsing the house, touching and examining everything in sight him.

At the second year ball game became a favorite child-initially That condition would roll on the floor, then learns to catch and feed. The child already has 30-40 words in the dictionary and began to speak with dolls and teddy bear to deal with a particular interest in picture books.

During the third year of a transition from subject to subject matter game – role-child makes house from cubes and puppet play “mother” or “Uncle Doctor”. Are formed storyline and roles that the child often borrowed from adult life.


In the fourth year subject matter-RPG is most important in a child’s life. It can last for days, while the plot is of interest to him, and while there is something unknown. The child begins to deal more thoroughly with puzzles, blocks picture with builders and mosaics through Often constructive game creates a “decor” of subject matter-role. There are also first attempts at game-dramatization and puppet theater. Also included are elements of work-clothes the doll must be washed, the house should be arranged. Speech is improved and the child begins to conduct more extensive conversation with your partner-real or imaginary.

In the fourth and in the coming years of preschool age stories and roles are complicated. Appear and games with rules. The rules initially included in the story, and later became special and settle in advance.Cards or domino initially serve only to build a house and ball – to subject game. Gradually, the child realizes that they can be played in another, more interesting way-with rules.

Games rules can be moving, fun games in a sitting position and didactic games by which the child absorbs different knowledge and skills.