Children Toys, Telephony, Mode: 10 Tips for Eating… For Free!

Toys, sms, cosmetic… There are sites that make you life more pleasant by offering you free services. The evidence by 10.

Send text messages
Have tested toys for your child
Receive cosmetics
Watch your favorite channels on your computer
Get books for the whole family
Download music on the Internet
Test new products
Collect clothes for your children
Call worldwide
Find free games for your children
Send Text Messages

That’s a tempting offer for those who have not subscribed to the unlimited SMS from their mobile phone provider option. The promise: send when you want a text message to a recipient of his choice.

  • The user manual: Go to the Yougoo.frpage, click the SMS widget. Before sending the text message, you will need register you by simply telling your email and a password. Confirm your registration, write your text (160 characters) and enter the number of the recipient. The message is sent instantly.
  • Mini problem: The shipper number reminds an advertising message (1-01-33). Don’t forget to sign!
  • The thing more: You can send up to 25 texts per month.

Have Tested Toys For Your Child

It was nice to collapse under toys, kids like what’s new and tire quite easily. And if the solution was to register as parents testers?

  • The user manual: Toy brands often offer the possibility for parents to enroll in their panel of testers. It is the case of the Fnac awakening and its site and games – recently become Oxybul – How to do: sign up for their newsletter to be notified of the next sessions of parent drivers. If you are selected, you will receive toys at home, you make them test your child before writing a report. You can also be invited to roundtables to debate around prototypes and ideas.
  • Other sites to visit :, (if you live in the area of Montpellier).
  • Mini problem: There are so many requests that the chances of being selected are slim.
  • The thing more: When you integrate a panel of testers, it is quite possible that you have several toys to test!

Receive Cosmetics

Spend smart, you decided to no longer buy your beauty products without prior testing. And if you ask simply samples of your favorite brands? Do not hesitate to set aside, they are very convenient to avoid boarding your huge trip toilet Kit.
The user manual: There are not really of sites offering samples multi-brand. You therefore have to indulge in a small survey of your favorite brands. The portal Yves –, go to the section “Contact us” and then choose “You’re customer (e) on sale at distance” and complete the introduction specifying an object “the catalogue request Yves Rocher”. The latter will be sent with a few samples.

More developed at Cosmetic – bio .com, you simply click on “Free samples” in the left column. Send an envelope stamped at the current rate, describe your skin type and the brands you are interested in. Two samples will be shipped quickly. Enjoy, there are also specific products for babies.

  • Other sites to search: Loreal – (by joining the VIP club), lab –
  • Mini problem: Don’t be in a hurry, because brands prefer sending orders and no samples…
  • The thing more: If you need to satisfy your coquetry, feel free to send a query to the customer service of brands. They will eventually give you how to proceed. After all, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Watch Your Favorite Channels On Your Computer

No longer need a television to watch your favorite programs. Explanation: there are sites that offer you to watch live TV on your computer stations.

  • The user manual: Just register and install the TV Player ( Then run the application, a window and offers you the list of available channels. You can zap your way. Good idea when you go on vacation without the little window.
  • Mini problem: You can only view channels of DTT.
  • The thing more: For now, if you watch TV on your computer, you don’t need to pay your fee. Double savings!

Get Books For the Whole Family

For your pleasure or the story before bedtime, you are a family who devours books by the dozen. First option: the library. Second alternative: a site to receive books for free.

  • The user manual: The site (choose the French version) works on a barter system. You can exchange the books you no longer need against books you really want. The mechanism is based on points that have worked.
  • The mini-hic: When you apply for a book, you must pay yourself the shipping of books.
  • The thing more: The site offers the possibility for children to print and make their book themselves. A perfect concept that combines crafts and imagination.

Download Music on the Internet

You know certainly several platforms free music listening (Deezer, MusicMe, Spotify, Qobuz). Today it is possible to download songs for free and legally. We tell you everything!

  • The user manual: Many sites offer to get titles of artists free of charge. These are rarely known and seek to capture an audience. To discover the stars of tomorrow, go on or Another must-see site:, which offers download free known songs (Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Daphne, David Guetta, etc.) … all legally! A real revolution!
  • Mini problem: On, you must choose an ad to watch during the download of the title. A less bad…
  • The thing more: Feel free to poke around on Facebook. Fans of the singers pages sometimes offer to download free and often unreleased tracks. This is already the case for Coldplay and Lenny Kravitz.

Test New Products

As soon as you see something new on the shelf, you can’t help but buy it to try it, taste it? You’re the perfect target of supermarkets. As such, you may have the chance to test preview innovations on the market.
The user manual: Visit the site It offers regular free samples (and discount coupons) to test the new features. To do this, simply create an account and sign up for the newsletter.

  • The mini-hic: It will be quick, because the number of samples is limited.
  • The thing more: The community site ( also give its opinion on the products you use. As, you earn points. And as soon as a product to test you are interested in, sign up and you’ll be maybe selected…

Collect Clothes For Your Children

A child grows up very, very quickly and we must constantly renew her wardrobe. The problem is the budget! Thankfully, there is an easy and economical solution and very green in addition!
The user manual: Many people are looking to get rid of zero euro of lots of layette, pants… too small for their kitties. So instead of throwing away them, they give them. Just simply to show and to retrieve the clothes usually directly at the dealer’s home. To do this, visit, or .

  • The mini-hic: try a little question on the State of the clothing owner to not move for anything. Do not hesitate to ask him to arrange the batch and especially get it fast. The first will be served first.
  • The thing more: Gifts sites often offer exchanges. For example: you can exchange clothes, DVDs, toys with the other parents. Convenient and cheap!

Call Worldwide

We invented anything better than this small free software to call international for free. This is of course Skype!
The user manual: You just have a connection to the internet and download the module on Once installed, create an account and add your family members with an account to your contacts. They are connected? You can make the call.

  • Mini problem: Free is not possible unless you are communicating from computer to computer. If you want to reach a person on a fixed or a mobile phone, you will have to pay, but Skype is known for its very special rates.
  • The thing more: Your interlocutor is equipped with a webcam? You can make a call in visio but also make a conference with several participants. Ideal to show Grandma and Grandpa how your small child grows!

Find Free Games For Your Children

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Lighten up your budget on a daily basis!

How many times have you heard: “MOM, what are we playing now?”. Force, you have exhausted your idea box. Thankfully, there are sites that allow you to print games or do it online.
The user manual: Connect to the site Magic – and go to the “Games” section where you will find a selection of puzzles, quiz, coloring, or games to make online for children from 2 to 12 years. The “Discovery” section allows you to become familiar with different universes such as the kitchen, English or the countries of the world…

  • Mini problem: Teens and adults will not find necessarily their account.
  • The thing more: The “Stories to listen to” corner for rest and family (MOM, too!)