Children’s Party Tip:Sleepover for Girls

Hello dear! Okay with you? I hope so!

Happy birthday! With a cool theme for girls, a slumber party. What child doesn’t love sleeping in friends house or get your friends to an evening of fun and joy. Slumber party is always a hit with the kids.

Pajama Party is a small party, like a meeting for more intimate friends, the less people are better, because the birthday girl is very comfortable and everyone can enjoy a lot. The idea is that the birthday boy get his friends to spend the whole night in your House, for her play, talk, smile, tell jokes, listen to music and eat with friends.

The decor can be provided with mattresses or mattresses on the floor, to more elaborate with cabaninhas, lights, and more with thesciencetutor! Come and be inspired to make a nice party for Princess!


Invitations can be shaped like slippers. sleep masks, pajamas, pillows and even traditional. Are all beautiful and very cute!!!

It is necessary that in a slumber party invitation come written what the child needs. Ask for the mother of the little fella didn’t forget to take items of personal hygiene and a favorite toy should be on the list.


Remember the comfort of guests, if you don’t have bed for everyone, use sleeping bag, mattresses, even balls thrown to the ground, all that can be used. Also check the sheets, pillows and blankets. If the amount is not enough, have each bring at least your own pillow and favorite blanket on the day of the event.

The important thing is to leave a place warm and reserved for them. All the girls love the cabaninhas of sleep, can be one for all or a home.

The decor can be quite simple, with elements of the night, as stars, moons, Teddy bears, pillows, lampshades, socks, pajamas and creativity allow!

3-candy/Sweets/coffee table decoration:

Sweets, sweets, cup cake, bullets can’t skip slumber party! You can make a table for the goodies, or simply put the trays on the floor so that the guests can get. Who wants a party, with a table to sing happy birthday also has some pretty cool ideas.


In slumber party and legal opt for snacks and practical as pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches and fried potatoes.


Every slumber party always ends with a nice breakfast reinforced by so much work!


The souvenirs of the slumber party are usually delivered the guests during the party, why push your creativity as custom pillows, colorful cloth slippers, masks for sleep, hygiene kit with toothbrush and towel and beauty kit.


And in terms of video game fun invest in:If the girls they like; Many DVDs to watch the film, favorite CDs for dance.

Joke salon where one takes care of another, mimica, parade karaoke contest, play bingo, treasure hunt, stop, puzzles, board games, statue and etc. ..


-It is normal for a child ask to go home at night. But don’t despair! Often this is a momentary and request a good tip is to try to calm her with a reading by example. But if the child is not comfortable, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the parents for them to decide what to do;

-Make the proper date. Take lots of pictures of your son or daughter with each one of the buddies.

-An old pillowcase can also be a great memento with the signature of all her friends.

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