Chino Pants for Summer

Again this summer, fashion will be the flashy colors! Last summer we noticed this phenomenon in our streets. Men dare to put forward pants and jeans colors. We don’t talk about the jeans blue, gray, or even basic black pants, but bel’s well of color that Flash.Also, we could cross fashion looks associated with pants turquoise, green, Apple, blue electric or red bordeaux, and many other colors that we might not have seen a few years ago. This year more than last year the phenomenon repeats itself.

The trend will be green this summer!

We approach the spring and a trend on the catwalk, as well as on the catalogues of brands. Green, a lot of green, the desire may be on the part of the creators to get closer to nature? Is that green will invade the city centres shops, as well as internet shops for these collections spring summer, you can’t hide. We can cross thechino green color to all the corners of streets, however, to make good use. The value with this color pants, and associate it with a t-shirt or white tank top. A classic but very cool association during periods of high temperatures. Accessorize with a watch or a bracelet in the tone of the pants, and you with a look that is plugged in for the summer.

The green jeans or chinos! But not only…

For all those who do not support the Green, and I’m sure that they are many, other alternatives exist. You can try in the shop of the colours turquoise, or else red models, which will go perfectly with a hot and sunny weather. This year you can choose from the many colors in the store or on the internet. Fashion is a matter of taste, so if a favorite will appear in the store or on the net do not hesitate.

The classic jeans or white trousers, the value

Finally for all that don’t like this color fashion trend, you can always wear white jeans or pants Capri this summer according to plus-size-tips. You’re sure to score points with this model, and still very elegant. It has the disadvantage of being very messy, like most of the clear color patterns, but displays a chic and trendy look in summer.

Budget, what budget for a jeans or pants of color?

The brands offer their entry-level pants colored from 75 euros, ranging up to 100 euros on some models. There are however, a wide selection of jeans or chinos colors cheap on shops online or in towns from thirty euros. It considers that a correct budget for a pair of jeans or pants varies between 35 euros and 45 euros on the internet for a model fashion on lesser known brands, but of very good quality. Be sure to choose your pants to your size in a slim, the effect is guaranteed.