Choosing The Right Bra For Sports

The chest, which is not a muscle, is simply held by the Cooper’s ligaments and skin. Each workout, breasts suffer shocks, but also their own weight, the latter being amplified by the intensity of the movements. It is therefore essential to wear a bra suitable for sports practice to maintain a beautiful chest. Here are some tips for choosing a sports bra.

Not The Classic Bra During Exercise

We systematically replaces the conventional bra in favor of the sports bra.

This reduces the movement of breasts and limits the voltage of Cooper’s ligaments.

And needless to believe that a tiny chest does not need maintenance. A Caps equally need a sports bra that generous breasts to keep their tone.

A poorly maintained chest may reveal bruises and be painful. In the long term, the breasts sag, sometimes very early.

For taste, one may prefer the sports bra, but rather recommends for women with petite chest.

However, choosing a sports bra or a bra size identical to the classic bra usually worn.

Choosing a comfortable bra

The straps fully participate in the comfort of a bra. They should be wide enough not to hurt the shoulders with sports bra, especially for women with larger breasts.

The ideal is to opt for straps that will not slip over the shoulders at the slightest movement of the arms.

The bra straps models with X or Y are particularly well suited to the practice of a sport. The racer back is perfect.

Beware also the matter of the bra or bra. Synthetic fabrics are more comfortable because they amplify sweating, risking show buttons and itchy allergic.

It is much more reasonable to opt for a breathable fabric as it is able to remove perspiration outwards. Thus, the breasts remain dry.

Opt for a bra cup adapted to sports

To prevent the closure system does not cause discomfort or pain during ground movements carried on the back, better prefer a bra attached to the inter-breasts, that is to say, in the front.

Of course, it proscribes whales and fittings likely to cause injury. A “seamless” lingerie is far better.

Then is to adapt the type of bra to the intensity of sport practiced.

The contention must be high for riding, running, mountain biking and fitness while an average contention may suffice at a session of walking, yoga or gymnastics.

In any case, the bra is to protect the breasts against all types of shock.