Choosing the Right Bra for You

You have small breasts or, on the contrary, large breasts, it is important to choose your bra for several reasons.

Has) for a question of comfort: actually, a bra that is too small or too big can not bring you the necessary maintenance and will help back pain, persistent irritation and sensations of choking or ballotement. Only a bra the right size and quality will bring you comfort, maintaining and fine.

  1. B) for a health issue:few women know this, but, alas, a bra whose Cup is too big or too small causes a friction of the frame on the breast augmentation gland, thus generating superficial micro-lesions of the skin.If this friction persists, it promotes breast cancer. Talk to your doctor and get tested regularly.
  1. C) for an aesthetic issue:a bra of poor quality can not do homage to your silhouette.It is the same for a good quality bra in a wrong size. If, once dressed, your bra made you marks on the chest or if the CAP is not tackled on the breasts, it’s that you should review your intimate wardrobe! A suitable lingerie must be invisible under your clothes, with the exception of any bulges in the back caused by elastic database the BRA. But in this case, this isn’t your bra that will really be involved…

In a Word, you so better be careful on the choice of your bra because it conditions as well your comfort, your health and even your sex appeal! Follow the guide on how to choose her bra.

Problems of sizes & solutions

Learn how to adjust the size of a bra during a fitting. Of course our tips are valid on a lingerie of quality such as those presented on it is obvious that a lingerie bought in a supermarket might never go with you, simply because the bra is badly cut. Here are different situations and their solutions:

The cups are too small:

Problem = A bulge appears on the top of the hat, or even under the armpits. The frames of the cups are not well tacked to the chest.
Solution = Take a CAP more. (Ex: take a 100F if you tried a 100th initially)

The cups are too large:

Problem = The cups form folds or yawn; you are not maintained.
Solution = Take a hat less. (Ex: choose a 95G if you tried a 95H initially)

Round back is too small :

Problem = The base elasticated bra too tight and created the rolls in the back of. Even with the possible break the straps, your shoulders are red.
Solution = Take a round back and more size and a cup less size to not to change the depth of the bonnet. (Ex: choose a 100th if you tried a 105 d initially)

Round back is too big:

Problem = The elastic band that surrounds the bust is not straight, it goes back in the back. The straps are of the red markings on the shoulders.

Solution = Take the tour of lower back but increase the cap of a size in order to maintain the same depth of bonnet. (Ex: opt for a 90G if you tried a 95F initially)

And if despite all these tips still not sure or if you have any questions, go directly to the chat of our site for personal advice. Together, we will find your size and you can enjoy the happiness of wearing a lingerie in the right size!

Your bra should be well pressed on the thoraxique cage: you may not be able to slide your fingers. You must not have rolls above the CAP or in the armpits of.

When you raise your arms, the BRA should stay plated.

Then, you should know that there are some basic rules to apply when buying lingerie.

-To find out if a model of BRA you, pass it and lean forward: If the chest doesn’t “come out” of the CAP, it’s all right!

-The nine bra should be attached to the widest hook because he’s going to relax at the time.

-Round back of a bra must be enough greenhouse for maintaining, but not too much, otherwise it won’t be pretty.

-The cup of the BRA should not crush your breasts, or yawn: each Cup must wrap the breast perfectly. If this is not the case, take a CAP more.

-If you have a lot bigger than the other breast and you are between two sizes of cups, take the largest Cup size.

-A bra should never go back in the back: the elastic base must remain straight around the bust. If this is not the case, take a size less, take for example a 95H instead of a 100 G if the bonnet to suit you. 100G-Cap you squeezing a little, take a 95G in this case.

-When you try a new BRA, you shouldn’t have to bead on the top of the bonnet, or under the arm edge. If not, it means that this bra is not in your size; go to the upper Cap.

-A new bra doesn’t suit you if, and only if, between the cups is fine between the two breasts. If this is not the case, the size is bad; don’t buy it!

-The tissue of a bra, even nine, does not scratch or irritate the skin: If this is the case, the article is not good.