Christmas Decoration At Home

No quería despedir la época navideña sin enseñaros alguno de losrincones de mi casa durante estas fechas. Por supuesto, cuandoescribimos un blog, guardamos muchos aspectos de nuestra intimidad;sin embargo, pienso que también es bueno compartir de vez en cuandoalguna pincelada de nuestra forma de ser, nuestra vida o nuestro hogar, porque nos permite desvirtualizarnos en cierta manera y conocernos un poquito más.
As you are going to see the Christmas decorations at home is very simple, without stridency and colorful as described in thembaprograms. I like to pay special attention to lighting, soft and warm, to make the House look more cosy these days.

That Yes, you can never miss certain “mythical” ornaments at home.Ornaments that have a special meaning for the time you are with us.As for tree decoration, my kids and I we alternate to choose it every year: they like it much more cheerful and eye-catching. As this year I played to me, as they are so so… all it is matter of taste, I suppose. I have decorated it in shades of blue and Brown and I changed the lights of colors for warm white light.

This will be a post at times “a media luz”, tried to convey how it really looks at home. I hope you enjoy it.

Esta es la entrada de casa, y esa pared que veis es la que llevo meses diciendo que voy a pintar pero no encuentro el momento. Depende del efecto sobre un fondo muchísimo más claro, pero es muy posible que el mueble de los cestos “caiga” también. En fin, este pueblito es uno de nuestros adornos más antiguos, así que nuestra navidad no está completa sin él.

Some cubes scrambled over the door of the living room.

And this is the general view of salon at nightfall.

This wine box transformed into Center of table I did before Christmas.I leave the link in case anyone did not see it then and want to see it in detail. That Yes, as I have no place to keep it mounted, this year I have done it again, incorporated one of the sails and the large deer.

Now the little one has company.

You remember pine cones wreath I made recently? I’ve interlaced it with another Garland of lights that is always there in the living room.

Crochet and light, the ideal combination.

Dogs can not miss each year, either in tree or anywhere else, but always very present. It gave them us my husband, one for me and one for each of the children.

Next to the Lantern, silver balls and a thread of wire with incandescent lamps led in one of my favorite “junk”.

In one of the walls, tree slats also did last year.

A holder for candles gift for a very special friend lights up Santa Claus and his tree.

I suppose that not just noticed that I love deer…

The birth. I don’t know if I have mentioned on occasion returning me crazy and I have a good collection of many types. None has any value, but all have their charm, like this of children’s figures. I have a birth of fabric in a snowball, another miniature mounted with its decorated inside a wooden box, one child also but with more cabezones dolls… even that of the clicks de Famobil hahaha. Now I’ll show them you on another occasion.

… And others of our “essential”: the Boys Choir…

… and the duck family, that it is what we call this nice Orchestra jajajaja. As you can see, there are little simple things but we have great sentimental value.

The knobs are also adorned this holiday season.

… And to the campaigns of pastry

By the way, let’s go just a moment to the kitchen, which also has to be a huequito for Christmas!

I take this opportunity to Finish the year with a very very simple diy Christmas . This is what I promised to show you, I took to the market of El Escorial as decoration and, as hanging hearts, wanted to buy me three or four times hahaha.

It is nothing more than a piece of old wood fence, well sanded, dry brush -painted and decorated with decoupage:

I hope that my Christmas tour, liked and if any idea you serves as inspiration, better than best!

Gracias de corazón a tod@s y cada un@ de vosotr@s por estar ahí siempre, gracias por tanto cariño y tanto aliento, por los conocimientos compartidos, por tantos y tantos ratos junt@s en las redes… en definitiva, por ser mi segunda familia. Gracias, de verdad. Ojalá sigamos siendo “familiares virtuales” durante muchos años más.

Ors sending best wishes for 2017. The year that is about to begin we bring the most important: health, joy of vivir and work.