Claudia Leitte Fashion

Began another season of The Voice Brazil, musical reality appears every Thursday on Rede Globo. In addition to the new music talents, who always draws attention is the juror Cláudia Leitte because of its looks impeccable.

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For the premiere of the new season of the show, the singer donned a set of skirt, shirt and suit that was a play on the traditional Tuxedo-exclusive Tufi Duek creation for the evening. Who explains the choice is the stylist of Hemachandra, Renato Tan:

— The tuxedo is a male thing. So we turned it with a skirt round, high waist and supercurta, and some heels to give the touch of femininity — GShow told the website.

Feet, one pumps with studs of the Valentino fashion house, the “rock studded” a few seasons among the fashionistas. To accompany the visual black white, singer & wore a necklace with a stone called Tourmaline Paraiba, Diamond Design, that added touch of colour to the look.

To make also followed the classic line, with the combo black eyeliner + red mouth.

— Produce a makeup inspired by the Vintage era as it is a very strong trend for the next few seasons. I’ve seen references in national and international fashion week and brought her to this moment. Bet on red mouth mate as it is timeless and glamorous, always beautiful and accurate — explains Lavoisier, beauty artist Claudia.

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This season, the judge should use only brand beauty products Eudora. Enjoyed the lipstick? So notes: is the Soul Kiss Me Red Intense, indeed mate. How about?