Clothes for Plus Size Girl

Do you find it difficult to find sufficiently long pants, jeans, shirts, jackets, etc? You’re not alone! On this page you will find information about online stores selling women’s clothing in sizes that fit you as long . There are clothes both for those who are tall and slim , and for those who are tall and take a bit bigger sizes!

Clothes for Plus Size Girl

Tip: Broadcast Tendency sent during winter 2013/14 a program in three parts, containing interviews with long and large women. If you are interested in listening to the interviews , you will find them here. We also found an interesting article written by journalist Åsa Beckman, Dagens Nyheter. She writes, among other things, on how to be treated if, in addition to being long, also has big feet. It is quite natural that  tall girls and women often require larger shoe sizes. You come to this article.

The following list of different stores that sell women’s clothing with extra length is sorted in alphabetical order. Reservation given to possible changes in supply, conditions.

Asos: Here we found several women’s jeans models with lengths up to L34″ in the range. Need some larger sizes, you can look into the Curve & Plus Size . Where there is some jeans and trouser designs with longer length (up to the inseam length 34 ‘), in large sizes.ASOS is a UK-based store that has become very popular in Scandinavia. Look carefully in the store’s size chart to find the right size. Women are up to about size 44). All rates are in SEK.

Free shipping for orders over 235 kr.

Free newsletter: Looking for extra-long pants or jeans may be worthwhile to spend some time to browse through the range of Bonprix. Some of their pants and jeans are available in three different lengths: Short, Long, respectively. Normal length, with different midjevidder. Leg length category Long varies from model to model. Dimensions of the inner leg length is left at each. product description. We found some jeans models with the length of the inseam up to 90 cm. Bonprix low fares and offers a good range of both large and small sizes. You will also find  women’s shoes in larger sizes  at a bargain price in the store. Many of the shoes are available in up to size 43, a few in larger sizes than this too (damskostorlekarna ranging in size range 33-44-45).

Shipping fee 49 per order.

Clothes: When we looked, we finally found the jeans up to L34″, with different waist in the range. You can find available sizes when you hover over respectively. product. Jeans are different models; skinny jeans, straight jeans, boot cut, flared jeans and relaxed jeans. Clothes has grown enormously in recent years-l ead Please Sydsvenskan article about the store(from 22 August 2012). Clothes have received positive customer reviews, and offers a huge selection of clothing, shoes and bags.

Free shipping for purchases over 499 kr (otherwise 49 €) and free returns.

Dorothy Perkins: This is a special department with clothing for tall women . Here you can buy jeans, pants, tops, skirts, jackets, coats, etc. with extra length. There are jeans and trousers up to the inseam is 89 cm , with different waist size, in the range. If you are unsure of your size, please write to the store to get advice!

Shipping fee to Sweden from £ 6-standard delivery.

GAP: An international fashion shop. GAP has a special department of women’s clothing for tall women (over 1.75 m). There you will find extra long jeans and pants, extra long shirts o. Shirts with extra long sleeves. We looked at the range of jeans for long and saw that there are jeans in lengths up to 37 “length of the inseam.

Shipping fee £ 4.-per order, standard delivery.

New Look: This is a special department with clothing for tall girls / ladies. You can for example buy jeans in lengths up to 36 “as well as dresses, pants, skirts, blouses, jackets, tunics, etc. in long sizes. Drop by during their Pine Collection! Do you need larger sizes, you can also peek under their Plus Size department. Also sells women’s shoes up to size 42 (also in the wide models).

Free shipping on orders over £ 65.-.

Outnorth: We can tell that there are pants that are sold in raw length, for example, some models from Fjällräven. These pants, you can add up to length, or just fold them up. Raw length is usually ample. We ourselves have bought Fjällräven trousers in raw length and are very satisfied. There are, for example, practical trousers with many pockets, perfect as a travel pants. If you click here, you see an example of a women’s model sold in raw length. Outnorth has many comfortable clothing in its range and size range is quite OK. Free shipping for all plus size clothing.

Free shipping for orders over 395 SEK, otherwise 29 SEK standard delivery.

Solid State: offers garments with extra length, from different Scandinavian brands.They choose clothing that has extra length in sleeves, torsos, legs or simply fit the tall people.The shop offers such as men’s shirts from My Shirt where you can choose if you want extra length of the sleeve or both sleeves and torso (one tip that you can give to your male, long familiar). Solid State sells eg jeans from Örjan Andersson up to 36 length and dresses and tops from Fia Persson, who never gets too short in the sleeves. The brands offered are mainly trendy urban brands, but what we understand, they buy as much timeless as possible to be able to keep even the coming seasons.

Tailor Store: an online tailors who have become very popular. Here you can order tailor-made shirts and polo shirts that are sewn up after your personal measurements. You decide fabric, kragtyp, figure model, buttons etc. If you have trouble finding blouses or shirts with sleeves long enough, this is an option.

Free shipping.

Tall Girls: a UK-based online store that has a niche for themselves on the youthful clothes for tall girls. You can among other things find jeans for up to 38 ” length in this web shop. Delivery time may at worst be quite long (according to information between 7-20 days), but perfectly OK shipping price. Also sells women’s shoes in large sizes.

Shipping fee £ 7.99 per order.

Finding jackets, shirts, jackets, blouses, etc. with extra long sleeves is not always easy. As for the trousers, it is often a more difficult projects to find pants with extra length. A few millimeters in length may be what makes the difference… Luckily, there are plenty of online stores that sellextra long clothes. Would you help tailor your clothes according to your personal dimensions, there are solutions to this even online.

Looking for Women in large sizes or broad models? Please look into the  Women’s Large Sizes  respectively.  Wide Shoes!