Cogito – Smart Watches a Little Differently

Smart watches are without question what we are electronics manufacturers currently trying to push through the most as a novelty. Most of these watches on the market has been quite a lot of features that are not just notification. Taxes for them is chaboučká battery life. For the better you get lucky two days of operation. And there is room for a watch brand Cogito. In exchange for cropped function you get a year of operation. Like it?

Cogito look and work like a pretty ordinary watch. The classic round shape moving hands and showing real time. Of course there is waterproof up to a pressure of 10 atmospheres (atm). This base but Cogito in three different models adds additional information which it receives from your mobile phone with iOS or Android. These LED displays through icons. Just because Cogito static displays a warning and allow a way to remotely control some functions of the phone, the last two ordinary watch battery to power up to a year.

And you can watch on the screen or watch over and control the application?

  • notification
  • incoming and missed calls
  • notification of incoming e-mails
  • notifications of activity on social networks
  • control music playback
  • execute camera
  • Find your lost phone or watch

I still like it? Just just choose the right model from Societypically.