Contouring for Every Face Shape

What is contouring?

Contouring means “outline” and refers to the more favorable accentuating of the face shape and selective highlighting of beautiful lots in the design of face with makeup. The natural outline of the face is modeled visually attractive by contouring with makeup. The art of contouring is in specific set of light and dark lines and shades in certain parts of the face, so that the ratio of proportions in the face is visually perfected. For the correct contour of the face, a special makeup, such as a concealer palette with appropriate shades is used. The secret of a perfect make-up is called contouring and always begins with the primer. This leaves the face but often a flat look, but by using targeted highlights and shades the face shape can be stressed and modeled. This requires a contouring set whose colors maximum two or three differ from the own face color nuances, so as not to make the face appear unnatural. A concealer palette, which contains several shades, provides a good way. In addition to the basic products, the basic knowledge about the effect achieved with the respective colors is essential. Only the perfect interplay of perfectly matched shades and a goal-oriented technology lead to a superior contouring makeup. The adjustment to the personal type stands in the foreground.

Contouring for Every Face Shape


Proper contouring for every face shape

Contouring primarily aims to align the outline with the face shape and define the features shapely. For the background of the contouring makeup, a shade is recommended, which can perfectly coordinate light and dark tones. When the other modeling principle applies that darker powder or creams create more depth and bright accents and highlighters give the impression of higher areas. According to an article of, light and dark where contours are placed in the face depends on the particular face shape. A high forehead can therefore be optimally concealed, when bronze powder is sputtered along the hairline. The corner zones should be emphasized slightly darker than the centre of the forehead. With the help of a dark shade that is painted by the ears below the cheek bone towards the mouth, the cheeks are given more depth and expressiveness. Putting the bronze powder on the wings of the nose and the tip of the nose, it is shortened visually. It is important that the transitions of different nuances work seamlessly. Matte shades are easier to handle than shimmering products and therefore offer especially beginners a good basis, to learn the basic principles. Typical square face shapes can be made visually soft and rounded by contouring. The different proportions are visually aligned with oval-shaped faces. The contouring with heart-shaped faces can naturally make broad forehead look narrower and narrow chin wider. By nature, rather round shaped faces are defined and displayed narrower. So, heights and areas in the foreground to be encroaching parts with lighter tones and depth or in the background with darker tones than the natural skin color can be worked out. A concealer palette offers the requisite shades, while the transitions in the finish are shaded.


Makeup and concealer palette

The contouring is not just for professional makeup artists, but also can be easily practiced by each self. In online shop here you will find everything needed for a perfect contour. Besides individual concealers or a whole range of concealer palette you will also find the necessary makeup. These are in particular primers (foundation), powder, blush, highlighter and accessories, such as brushes or sponges. Your own facial type and skin tone must be determined accurately before choosing the right concealer palette. The different brightness level can cause: specifically, that the face of round, oval, feminine looks expressive or more seductive. Only if these considerations are completed and choose the right shades, can optimally emphasizes individual facial features and a result can be obtained, which corresponds to the individual wishes.