Coolest Trends for Fall: Band Shirts

The autumn-winter collections have already begun to hit stores in Brazil, and I notice that some trends promise to the season with the skirts with fringes and super band t-shirts! As it is, and the retro fashion is bringing a lot of band back. Actually, that’s not anything new, this fashion comes and goes for at least 60 years.

Before it was a souvenir piece of musical tours and festivals, today these shirts with prints of rock bands are super hot and can be purchased at major stores and even on the internet, they have been rare found in article and in specialist shops in today’s fashion trend.
Let’s talk a little bit of its history … was established in 1942 by the Us Navy, but it was the ‘ 50 shirt won the status of a piece of clothing, and underwear, not be made tougher and thick fabric. His popularity came with the movie with Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire” (1951) and “the wild one” (1953) and also with James Dean in “Youth Robin” (1955).
Ready, hence was a leap for that to be seen as an instrument of publicity and Elvis Presley began his career in 1954 and in 1956 had t-shirts with his image and the name of his music. There are no records to report who made the shirt, a fan club or Elvis himself, but is the first record of shirt attached to the rock.
Well, the truth is that they never go out of fashion and now, thank God, are super high and serve to give a very special charm.

Here are some tips on how to wear band t-shirts:
-The band t-shirts are beautiful with short shorts, according to this article, and you don’t have to be a rock concert to press play!

It is synonymous with cool look!
-With jeans, of course, they are also pure charm!
-To break a little air rocker is worth betting on skirts or shorts with ruffles or lace.
-Of course it has everything to do with booties, sneakers, but if you want to glamorize the look, invest in some heels.
The best tip, however, is even taking this popularity to get to know the bands presented.
You will be amazed …
The coolest in this fashion is that it is super cool. The democratic add-ons is to set the tone, you can use it both to go to the corner ice cream or as a ballad.
Show love for your favorite band!

Now that you know how to wear…

The game is played.