Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy

You can use body lotions, cosmetics and perfumes in pregnancy? And hair dyes and nail enamels? Find out in our article.

Safe Cosmetics During Pregnancy

In some cases, prudence is never enough, and if it is true that pregnant women are aware that taking certain medications may not be healthy for the fetus, probably most unaware that even hair dyes and cosmetics can be dangerous. Alternatively you could use a selection of safe products or prepare your favorite cosmetics at home, especially when it comes to body lotions or facials.

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Are, so to speak, the first side effect of pregnancy, and to prevent or to control those we already have, it is strongly recommended to use some effective product. In case you’ve never used some fashion wear, you can advise you with your pharmacist, or more simply with a friend who has already had a baby.As for lotions and anti stretch marks there are no contraindications, and can be used without any problem even in pregnancy, despite also being smeared on your stomach.

Hair dye and nail polish

Although the uptake of the dye through the scalp is almost idle, it is highly recommended to use products that do not contain ammonia or oxidants. For more information on this topic please read the feature article on risks of tincture during pregnancy.

Some argue that it can be used without any problem and the glazes that solvents, as the substances they contain are hardly absorbed, but generally, after 9 months, it would be best to continue using products that do not contain formaldehyde. Others, but actually it is a diatribe open and unresolved, argue that in glazes contain substances whose action is very similar to that of estrogen, and that could cause some sort of feminization of male fetuses, delaying the development of the genitals.

Facial care

Despite the skin of a pregnant woman is brighter and sunny than usual, those with very oily skin, they can still continue to use specific products for the absorption of sebum, including scrubs, masks, but avoiding the use of Retinoic acid creams, content in many products for acne treatment, which might be toxic to the fetus.

Make-up in pregnancy

None, or at least none related specifically to pregnancy. Lipstick, mascara, blush, Foundation, only some of the products that one gives a daily, should in any case be purchased with knowledge, knowing that many products are made with cancer-causing substances that should be avoided. But this is a long diatribe and unresolved, whereby most of the cosmetics we use contain undisturbed these substances.

You can use scents in pregnancy?

Certainly, there are no contraindications nor for the mother or fetus. You can easily continue to intoxicate the skin with your favorite perfume.

Actually the issue is not resolved very easily because the healthiest argue that virtually all cosmetic products contain carcinogens or otherwise not healthy for our bodies, in any case, putting it in those terms, we say that these products are harmful in the same way for both a woman whatever for pregnancy.