Cruciani Bracelet Where to Buy

The Cruciani bracelets are among the trendiest bijoux of summer 2016 and with their jaunty and very simple seem suitable accessory to any look and any person. At the beginning these bracelets, all made of lace, were worn only by local celebrities who have shown off at very different occasions. It took a few months to make sure that the craze could infect even the “mere mortals” and now, just look at the pulse of some of your friends, to see one of the many models proposed by Chang. Read on to know all about the summer 2016 must bracelets.

According to 3rjewelry, the main feature of these bracelets, in addition to their extreme versatility and simplicity, is that they are unisex. Unlike bracelets Ops! Love that are decidedly feminine, we saw Cruciani bracelets really worn by anyone. Apart from Belen Rodriguez, actress Michela Quattrociocche and singer Noemi, there are several famous men who wore them. Do you think were spotted with a bracelet known as two tv journalists Cruciani Salvo Sottile and Ivan Zahid who have worn, maybe too daring, with a suit and tie.

The most famous model of Cruciani is undoubtedly the one with the seven-leaf clover, which represent the 7 Wonders of the world, a truly colorful and vibrant charm available in 30 different colors. A truly original gift idea, both for a woman than for a man, which is coordinated to a card that lists the phrase “a wish for every four-leaf clover, a four-leaf clover for every wish” translated into nine languages. The price of this bracelet is only 5.00 euro.

We cannot fail to mention the PonteMilvio bracelet, an special package dedicated to lovers, consisting of a key and a bracelet with a heart, a proposal glamour to promise each other eternal love. The price is $ 15.00 for both of the bracelets. Although perhaps the fashion of padlocks on notes ponte romano has grown from a couple of years.

It is a thought for your boyfriend or girlfriend your Love Luck bracelet that unites the classic hearts, shamrocks pattern because, you know, that in life there is always a need for both. The price is 10.00 euro.

Delicious and feminine the bracelet with butterflies, inspired the now too well known tattoo that Belen Rodriguez showed during the Sanremo Festival 2012, also offered in multicolor version. The bracelet costs 10 Euros 15 Euros in multicolor and cylinders.

Finally if, according to the Chinese horoscope, you were born in the year of the dragon that is just this year, you shouldn’t miss the Dragon bracelet, available in many fashionable colors, which only costs 12 euro.

Where to find Cruciani bracelets? It’s very simple. The brand has some single-brand store in Forte dei Marmi, Milan, Tokyo and Dubai, an online store where you can buy all kinds of Cruciani, bracelets and some retailers across Italy, rising steadily.

And what about this colorful trend and low cost?