Culotte Pants Fashion

A place among the fashion trends autumn / winter 2014-2015 is claimed by culotte pants. What are? They’re just what you believe, pants that are cut off just below the knees and always above the ankles, and are very large, very nearly so much as to seem, at times, of the skirts. In fact, once we called them culottes, precisely because of the optical effect that is deceiving virtually everyone.

For simplicity we now call them simply culottes and by now you should already be accustomed to seeing them around because in the stores there are many. The special cut does not make them easy to put on, but by following our advice and discovering the most beautiful models certainly be able to develop the very cool look.

Now that we understand what are the culotte pants, it’s time to find out how to wear them not to be unchic. They are wide so it goes without saying that it is good to combine it with something more fitting. A shirt is absolutely perfect, even from a masculine cut and scarf collar, to show off a set a bit ‘bohemian.

Of course you can wear a nice sweater and, given the new fashion trends in 2015, we can also treat yourself to an oversize sweater , while we have to warn you to limit the use of sweatshirts unless you choose pants culotte black leather. At the foot, however, always force yourself to wear high-heeled shoes, choose between pumps and ankle boots. High boots are out. The sneakers are allowed but only if you truly fashion. As for the evening look completed it all with a nice jacket tuxedo or maybe even with a beautiful faux fur, to be chosen among the must-haves this winter. Also, remember that if you wear culottes socks are absolutely forbidden, even those flesh-colored!

To choose between the culotte pants Winter 2015? There are many fashion houses that have introduced them on the catwalk and now populate the boutique. Among these we remind those of blacks Tome and Valentino, simple and exclusive at the same time, and even those of the black leather Paul & Joe. If you prefer something printed you can opt for the proposals of Mango or the multicolor of Suno, while if you want to dare with white, we advise you to choose the models Fendi, Proenza Shouler and Asos, which you can see, along with all other culottes trendy, browsing our gallery at