Cut out Ahoy! About Lingerie in Fashion

“Should I the cut-out dare or not?”, “May I a black bra under a bright blouse wearing?”, “is this little bit too much of a good, or may be opened the zipper a little more?”

Questions about questions! Paired with some doubt, the zipper is certainly closed and the BRA nude – so he is not striking. I think it’s a shame, because just when you have nice underwear, this stays mostly in the background and gets no attention. Thus she can be pink, black, blue, silk, with lace or ruffles and much joy. How can you fit underwear in fashion?


If it ziept and cut, your chosen part is most likely not in the correct size e. At first glance, this is not bad, because who is already thinking about it panties?

I think most (myself included) it will have only aware if they wore long time wrong sizes and then experienced, how it feels when no pressure points fit neatly bra and panties -, no tweets, just heavenly! Since I spend like something more for underwear (I buy super happy to CHANGE a… the next load I have in the CentrO Oberhausen and love him, since I was with C√©cile in the Britney Spears intimates Premiere) and was not disappointed so far.

The comfort is not the only argument. Because when the lingerie neatly, then the clothing has a completely different fit. The dress suddenly has a completely different effect and the blouse looks much better. Well fitting underwear is the Foundation for a good figure (Oh, what a pun ;)) and the Feelgood factor!)

Heard underwear because now hidden or you may show them?

I think you must do it depending on the situation. There is a special occasion for which I dress? I’m elegantly on the road, or more casual? With friends for fun or do I just meet a certain target group and should I consider this in my choice?


When it should be elegant, I reach for “invisible” underwear. I choose as no structures and mostly nude tones. It should emerge little to nothing, so that no confounding factors break the look of a beautiful blouse.

But if I go away, the snippet for me may be not far enough. I’m doing tops in Emerald, large V-necks -. Then I choose but the most beautiful underwear I own. And if what out flashes, then it doesn’t bother me at all. Matters is me, that integrates well into the look of the BRA. And Not the set without clothes should look well ūüėČ