Dakota Shoes

Established in 1977, the Dakota was established with a mission to enhance women’s feet with the best in the field of footwear, devoted, since then, the Cook with care and dedication one of the most praised and footwear sold in the country.What led him to be regarded as one of the biggest shoe companies of Latin America.

One of the brands of footwear more consumed of Brazil, Dakota is regarded as one of the darlings of the brasileiras more fashionistas. Always in tune with the hottest trends of this universe, the brand, each collection released, surprising beauty, innovation and comfort to your shoes. Combining its models, lines marked by elegance and technology.

Comfortable and with anatomical models, Dakota shoes are eco-friendly and sustainable, because they rely on bio-degradable models, which do not pollute the environment, besides, after being disabled and not serve further use, it disappears quickly, leaving no rubber wastes or any other material that may degrade the environment.

The new collection Dakota 2012 comes with charming different models and modern, full of details, such as plots, tracks, leaked, studs, fabrics, laçinhos, lace, metal buckles, colorful prints and handmade touch materials, like wood and Cork,mixed to more resilient and flexible, as rubber and leather.

In addition, the collection appears with models wearing high heels, to more sophisticated, with intense color blends, textures, animal prints, snake print, and many models made in synthetic leather.
Punctuate the collection, the models heel, peep toes, shoes, sandals, creeping, anabela heels, shoes, boots and open boots. On the color chart, very pink, blue, Orange, yellow, Brown, nude, green, black, eggplant, red and grey.