Dating Site Gets Harsh Words with on the Road

Dating since our site advertises a lot on Facebook, but some users find that the payment does not stop after the unsubscribe.

Are you on Facebook, you are likely to have scrollet over an advertisement for dating app our site. The popular service, which has just started as a Facebook app, has 26 million users spread across 80 different countries, but there are indications that, far from everyone is happy.

On consumer pages trustpilot and our site will be haglet down by angry our site users who eagerly use words such as ‘con’, ‘bogus’ and ‘fraud’ on dating service. Also the Danish Consumer Council Think has gotten requests from disgruntled Our site users. It explains Jakob Steenstrup, who is legal adviser.

The news agency Newspaq has looked closely at the matter and talked with Jacob Steenstrup. “It certainly suggests that there are problems in relation to come in contact with since and have terminated one’s agreement”, he says and continues:
“If it is, which users describe, it is definitely not working. We must not make it unnecessarily difficult, or outright impossible, to get out of an agreement. It would not be legal, “ he explains to Newspaq.

On our site’s website, it is not possible to identify any physical addresses of service offices. Of the page shows that no phone numbers or email addresses, you can contact our site on. Several places informs our site about which user can contact the customer service, but clicking on these links, you will be entered to the site’s FAQ’s, there is a list of the site’s frequently asked questions.
Only after a series of emails if it is to be informed of a klagevej. As a comprehensive response to the above type our site: users can get help by writing to support.

Have you had problems with Our site or other dating sites?