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Summer is here and we have the perfect place to renew our house and so give it a totally cool and pleasant pretext.Read on for the best ideas  to do so.

10. White

For summer white is widely used as it gives us an atmosphere of warmth and brightness , you can paint your walls white or put cushions of this color, you can add details in blue or green, it will look great.

9. Avoid Carpets

For this time of year, winter remove carpets and leave your floor natural or you can put some warm less as the carpets can suffocate summer heat.

8. Cheerful Colors

Play with different colors either on cushions or curtains and if you are more daring up on the walls you can, this will give a very striking tone and color to your home, taking the essence of summer.

7. Blue

Blue conveys peace and tranquility so to have a calm summer and carefree can help this color, you can put small details s around you.

6. Sofas Alegres

To this point you do not need to buy new styles of sofas or have to upholster, can help a clear and cool fabric and attach colored cushions or flowers that will add a touch of joy.

5. Flowers

For some the idea of having the best floral arrangements at home during the summer is trite, but it is always necessary tohave some, plus they look pretty never go wrong, to give a different touch can deliver your bouquet of flowers in various containers and put them around the house.

4. Contrast

If you want to renew are your walls, you can try to paint one or two walls with a more intense hue and leave others in a lighter or white tone, and your home will look elegant and summery.

3. Details Metal

To add a touch of sophistication to our house in the summer, we can use the metal, either lamps or small objects, your home will look very modern and stylish .

2. Fruits

A very simple idea for this summer is to place fruit in a vase, either one or make combinations will give a cooling effect in your home.

1. Yellow and Orange

During the summer , these bright colors can not miss because they are the main during the time as we transmit energy and strength are ideal for them at home, but being bold colors must be careful and not have them in excess.

Tips for decorating your house or apartment in summer

We share this video for you to give a clearer idea of how to renovate your house with wall clocks from the site:

This is how you give a lovely change to your home by changing some aspects, now if you can enjoy in the comfort of your home this summer.

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