Decorate Small Bedroom Couple

The bedroom of a couple is a romantic setting that requires refinement and sophistication to decorate it. It’s a place of intimacy which the couple should feel good and have a greater freedom of expression. To decorate it, people need to get some references according to the personal taste of each and then unite them in order to make a receptive space for both. So the ideal is to get something more neutral for both.

The interests of both sides can be applied in decoration. If you love art, it is a great idea to put a painting or sculpture of some artist or movement; another option which is often chosen by couples in the decoration is to put a picture of the two as frame or panel. The furniture can be in neutral tones, such as black, white, gray, brown and blue. If you prefer something with a little more color, you can opt for shades of purple or green, which please both sides.

It’s quite common in couple bedroom decoration to put stickers on the wall as recommended by Neovideogames because they bring delicacy and romanticism. Bucolic wall stickers are quite common in this type of decoration. They are delicate and make the room quite charming. You can also opt for something more romantic and choose a heart-shaped mirrors. The mirrors are great for decorating room.

For small rooms, mirrors and the lighter color can extend the space. Optimizing the spaces by decorating the room properly.

Blinds are also great allies in the decoration. If you have windows in the room, do not forget to put the curtain of it. It needs to be 20 cm above the window with 15 cm of space on each side, and it should touch the floor with the exception of any mobile on the wall where they are placed.

Wood paneling is another tool which is widely used in decoration of rooms. It must match with the furniture well and it can bring a more refined decor. If there is TV in the bedroom, you can use panels. Panels can make the room more elegant, especially when it is decorated with ornaments or some different texture items.

The double room is a quite intimate space, so it needs to be harmonious and agreeable to both sides. From the moment you decide to share a room with someone else, you need to be prepared to open hand of certain interests and tastes for decoration, so the ideal is a consensus of the both sides, which can please you and your lover at the same time.

Leave your tips, tricks and suggestions of decorating double room with elegance and economy.