Decorating a Wall: 10 Creative Ways

Here Are Some Ways To Decorate A Wall

  1. Photo Wrap

How about exposing your favorite moments with the most special people on a charming photo clothesline? Just separate a piece of string, clothes preachers (the prettiest you can find) and your favorite photos! With these simple materials you can creatively decorate a bedroom, living room or home office wall in a few minutes, leaving it beautiful and full of special moments to share with visitors!

  1. Posters

Another beautiful and creative way to decorate a wall is by using posters. And you do not even have to pay dearly for them: there are several free downloadable templates available on the internet!

  1. Fake Frames

And how about decorating a wall with frames made by you using a special ink pen, duct tape or contact paper? If you choose the ink pen, simply draw the frames as you want on the wall. With the adhesive tape accessories is the same thing (if you want more stiffness when gluing the ribbon, draw the frame on the wall before with a pencil). As for the contact paper, look for beautiful picture frames on the internet, print, draw on paper, cut out and then paste on the wall!

  1. Dishes On The Wall

You may never have thought about this possibility, but I guarantee you the result is wonderful! You can enjoy a nice dish that is there in your house! When hanging them on the wall you need to take some care: use specific products to hang dishes on the wall, such as wire spring hangers and adhesive discs.

  1. Fabric

Another very simple and cheap way of decorating a wall is by using fabric. You will only need white glue! If you want you can make a cut of several fabrics and paste on the wall using the technique of Patchwork.

  1. Maps

If you are one of those people who love to travel, how about translating that passion on the walls of your house? Print maps and paste them on the wall!

  1. Letters On The Wall

Use letters to decorate the wall! They may be words or phrases that make sense to you.

  1. Polka-Dot Wall

A polka dot wall may be the solution you found to completely transform a dull wall. All you will need is a contact paper (the color you prefer), a circular mold and scissors. So just cut the paper to the size you prefer and stick the polka dots on the wall. The result is a stylish and modern wall!

  1. Flasher Lights

Do you know those flashing lights that are Christmas features? You can, yes, use them in the decoration of your house all year round! Customize a wall with them!

  1. Contact Paper Imitating Hydraulic Tiles

The contact paper can be quite versatile in decoration! How about cutting out rectangles of paper and gluing them onto a kitchen wall mimicking hydraulic tiles? Choose two papers with different prints and the result will look amazing! Just be careful with the area where the paper will be applied, as they do not withstand much moisture and can take off over time.

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Inara Souza is a collaborator of Viva Decora, recently graduated in Civil Engineering and passionate about good ideas. He created the Little House Tidy to talk about decoration, construction and renovation and, little by little, has been trying to take to the blog a little bit of everything that he experiences in the profession.