Decorating: Tidying Up the Shelves

Shelves can be-and help to organize and decorate-in all the environments of a house or apartment. It has the shelf alone, set of shelves, the shelves of a shelf or a mobile…It has decorative shelf, shelf to keep in sight objects of constant use, shelf that serves as support and shelf that serves for all this together! How do you decorate and / or organize them depends on the function, position, style, and mood of your environment (and how you organize it?).

(And then you see how a subject that seems simple becomes suddenly complicated with so many possibilities…) But let’s uncomplicate (or!):

1) Shelves in the decoration: If it is to decorate, in general, we take care not to pollute, keeping few and good objects, in sizes compatible with the existing space. We choose objects that have a relationship, both in style and colors, with the environment where they are. We try to create a relationship, even if it is proximity-creating sets-between them. We try to vary sizes, textures, materials, to enrich the decoration. We can use lighting to give more sophistication, but in a subtle and welcoming way. And it’s always important to think about safety: Make sure you place the shelf firmly and not overpower the weight it can hold.

In this photo, the small crossed shelves in the brown wall draw much attention by the color, format and coating. The objects are small, compatible with the width of the shelves, but well visible by their color. No large objects are needed, because the set is already quite expressive.The shelf above and below the TV has few objects – compatible with the simple and stripped-down environment, but harmonized by color and style with the environment.

In the photos above, the same position: Behind the sofa. Great for decoration, but beware of the width and height of the shelves and the width of the back of the sofa ( in the second picture, from this angle, the impression is that someone can hit their head on the bottom shelf…). Another interesting thing is the choice of the colors of objects: Environments are black and white, as are most objects, but note that in both there are objects in earthy tones, which adds “coziness” to the environment. Most blank frames make the set lighter in the 1st. Photo, since the shelves have many pictures and occupy the entire wall. In the second photo the objective was to give a heavier and hot touch to the environment, with a lot of white.

I really like the effect of lamps and lamps on the shelves. In the second picture, see again how black stands out, the presence of the blue in the room and the lightness of the transparent objects on the upper shelf, which also enriches the whole, that would be “chatinho” if it were all black..

Great attention should be given to lighting: There are several ways to light a shelf and with different types of lamps. Lamps placed on the back make visible the contours of objects, but not their details (see 2nd photo). Halogen bulbs heat up and can tarnish or even burn papers, books, fabrics, depending on their potency. Only use white LED bulbs if you really want to give a cool effect to an environment (which, in general, is not recommended).

It only makes sense to keep so many empty shelves like this when they are part of a shelf that divides 2 environments and you do not need privacy, do not want to “pollute” and want maximum light passing into the next environment. More tip on how to keep a tidy room in