Decorating with Wallpaper for the Bathroom

The sink is usually the lowest and most frequented toilet of a residence, as it is the destination for visitors, employees and even the locals in moments of haste or urgent need. Usually located close to the social area of the residence or the TV room or dining room, the toilet is a bathroom to which a visit, a relative less intimate or a client will have access if you can visit your home and you don’t want to or don’t have a bathroom for guests and guests. But also don’t usually have an area of bath, shower, bathtub, is is the toilet usually have less moisture inside, allowing the use of different materials to create your decorations.

You can use a wide range of materials, such as mirrors, sconces, curtains, winter gardens small and minimalist, textures, fabrics and even wallpaper. In particular about the last topic, you can use the wallpaper to give the toilet a distinctive decor of the rest of the house, is using different colors is using bolder and modern textures. For being a small space, it is possible to use finishes and details for a differentiated decoration without costs exceed the budget and make an economic nightmare redecoration. The hint of decoration specialists to seek ever-increasing market of Interior design ideas and suggestions to make the project even better and more beautiful.

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In our gallery below split up interesting ideas so you can be inspired to decorate your sink and use the growing trend of wallpaper to redecorate your sink and makes it even more beautiful, modern and attractive. We seek also some tips from the experts in design for the application of the wallpaper and the care that you must have in your maintenance. Check out:

  1. The first step in the application of wallpaper on your sink is clean the area where it will be posted, because the dirt and dust could disrupt its attachment and also the duration of the product.
  2. After meticulous cleaning of the wall, it’s time to remove the protective film from the roll of wallpaper. It is important to take care that the glue of the product does not come into contact with other materials other than the location where it will be applied, since there may be loss of grip and mess up the end result.
  3. It is recommended to use a spatula or a ruler to make the wallpaper glue in your toilet so that it does not create air bubbles between the wall and the material.
  4. To finish the application, in mirrors, decorative objects and surroundings in the footers of the room, you can use a stiletto sharp to cut the replacement material. It is important to take care to not be missing material to cover the wall, so measure carefully before cutting the wallpaper.