Decorations for the Christmas Tree DIY

Decorations for the Christmas tree DIY to make with children to entertain them making fun waiting for Christmas. From balls that can be created using any type of material, recycled and not, to the decorations of paper and felt, there is too limit to the imagination and creativity of children ahead of Christmas. Here are some creative ideas and some original idea.

The Felt decorations

The felt is the perfect material to give birth to Christmas ornaments to the truly unique tree. You can opt for simple decorations, to easily accomplish by drawing the outline of the desired shape with a pen on the piece of felt , then cut it out along the edges; just add, then, a little ‘tape, securing it with a stapler, the end of the felt figure and the decoration is ready to be hung.

Decorate the tree with pasta

One of the chores most classic and most loved by children, the Christmas decorations with pasta. In order not to obtain too much material serves, indeed, enough a few pieces of dough favorite forms, from rigatoni to penne until the shells and butterflies, to compose at will decorations DIY. A classic of classics? L ‘angel, to realize with a rigatone, for the body, a butterfly, to the wings, and a shell for the face. Composed and fixed everything with the help of hot glue, to give an even more Christmas effect can complete the decoration with a generous splash of gold spray paint and, after adding a ribbon in the same color, that’s it.

Balls and balls DIY

A classic decorations for the Christmas tree, decorative balls (see Decorative balls that you can reinvent and reinterpret in a thousand different versions with blows of DIY.
It can, for example, exploit the technique of papier mache, but changing the protagonist material, that is, using the string, to be wrapped around an inflatable balloon, and to be coated with the PVA glue. Fixed and solidified the whole, the ball is ready to be decorated and hung, after the balloon burst and eliminated, with colored paint, ribbons and a good dose of imagination.

A polystyrene shaped base sphere is perfectly suited to the purpose. With sequins, studs you can create balls for the truly bright tree. Alternatively, for example, you may be recycled pieces of ribbons and tapes, to create small bows, with which cover, fixing them with small pins, all the styrofoam ball.