Deep Space Tourbillon Watch

Gadgetry: A The Tourbillon is constantly moving at different intervals.

Stanley Kubrick’s monumental film “2001: A Space Odyssey” is one of the most legendary and famous science fiction movies of all time. The clock “Deep Space” to pay tribute to the cinematic work, however drifts in wide spheres and looks like from another planet.

Added: looking at the fancy timepieces, to recognize efforts of Vianney Halter watch maker to design a space watch. The formal language is truly lifted. The polished Sapphire Crystal is curved, like a dome it stands out from the housing and is reminiscent of the helmet of an astronaut. The dial no dial, is actually consists only of a ring, vainly looking for numbers, instead it reads the name of the watch “Deep Space”. And indeed: Unlike normal watches, seems to go the movement in depth. The heart of the failed piece is a the Tourbillon, moving steadily.

An Unnecessary Bauble

A Tourbillon is a device in which compensates for any errors in accuracy, for example, at points of friction, using gravity. The Tourbillon of the deep space constantly moves through three axes in each different intervals. This is however more gimmick than a chronological specificity from clock-technical point of view. Because a Tourbillon, particularly a three-axle, applies to wristwatches as superfluous, since the wrist moves constantly, it is hardly possible to compensate by rotation.Vianney Halter, with its deep space, instead pursuing a (in the truest sense) “in-depth” psychology. Each axis represents a dimension, each dimension is to embody a “own pace”.What’s to do in turn with the film by Stanley Kubrick, is not clear.

Child Terrible of the Art of Watchmaking

According to, the Swiss watchmaker is known for his offbeat timepieces, which radically breaks the traditional craftsmanship. At the beginning of his career restored valuable antique clocks worked soon for large, established brands such as Breguet, Audemars Piguet and Franck Muller. The watch maker can be at his creations often on fictional characters or stories inspire, such as Captain Nobody in “20,000 Leagues under the sea”.His best-known piece is the “Roman”, a clock with three dials. Whether we like it or not: Vianney Halter success and was awarded several times for his idiosyncratic creations.

Incidentally: With the deep space can be read also the time. So the two blue hands do not serve, to make contact with extraterrestrial life, but meet the conventional and truly earthly purpose, to show the time.

What time is it? Owners the Haldimann H9 watch can not answer this question.