Demonoid Domains are Offered for Sale

If Demonoid users still had some hope that the site would return to the air after their servers seized, those hopes may have been cruelly crushed during the weekend. The site administrator, who has control of the three domains of Demonoid and lives in Mexico, seems to have put the addresses on sale on Sunday (12).

Altogether there are three areas:, and and at the time of publishing this post, all are redirected to a default page of Sedo, domain selling company. Anyone can offer the amount you want and if the value is accepted, become the owner of any of the three areas. It is not known for sure why reason the site administrator put the addresses for sale, but do not think he’ll get a good price.

So if you want an address that accompanies a huge target on his back, he is closely associated with piracy and even appear on Google, make your offer. At least 13 people have done, according to the statistics shown on the page.

In time, here’s a curiosity that might almost no one knows: the domain was recorded using a Brazilian data protection service. Perhaps the owner of Demonoid not know any type service in Mexico or any Brazilian user decided to buy and give away to its managers. We will never know.