Desigual Spring Summer Collection 2016

We know that to Desigual like daring with colors and ethnic patterns juxtaposed in a manner contrary, today we discover the new collection spring summer 2016: jerseys, handbags and clothes.

Desigual is known to be a brand the banner of colors and patterns. The Spanish brand was founded in 1984 and continues to be distinguished and established itself in the fashion world thanks to the mix of flowers, graffiti, strong colors and patchwork. Today we see the new Desigual Spring Summer 2016, straight from the catwalk.

1. Clothes Desigual Spring/Summer 2016

Prevails as always, the mix of patterns, graphics naive, colorful flowers and lines that blend with denim. The main point of desigual line is precisely the game of contrasts and a fashion almost multiethnic mixing tribal fantasies to more Western clothes and casual.
The clothes in the collection are of different lines to satisfy the tastes of all.
The chiffon dress Carmen V-neck is ideal for those who love the high life (€99.95).
The dress Bibiana instead has a node on the neckline and leaves the backless (€79.95).
The dress Fidel is like a wrap dress that closes with a belt, as imagination has daisies in relief on the neck side by side with tribal prints and imaginative (€99.95).

Desigual also proposes a tee navy almost plain called Cleopatra enriched by a white flower decorated (€ 69.95). Even the dress Concepcio is a bit more sober: black with white and red patterned heart (€ 79.95).
The dress is very special oils and worn by the impression of a  scarf, is light and with fringes (99.95 €).

For those who prefer to dress more tight is the dress in knit Malvina with the press, regular fit, straps and cross-Life (€79.95).
Even the dress Cleopatra is printed, has a cross-neck and a ribbon tied at the waist (€99).

In the collection we then find other sleeveless: Cristina, with fancy hearts (€109.95), Isla, with backless (€79.95) and Alicia, black and white floral print (€109.95).

The dress Blackville Straps instead plays with the transparencies. The lining is red viscose while the cross-layer chiffon (€89.95).

2. Bags Desigual Spring / Summer 2016

There are plenty of new features with respect to the catalog spring/summer bags: we see the most interesting.

The bag that immediately catches the attention is the shopper Capri 3 in 1! It’s double face: black on one side and white on the other. It is decorated with splashes of color you can just turn to get another bag. Inside a small built-in bag. (€69.95).

Even the new shoulder bag Toulouse Splatter is decorated with splashes of color, is in faux leather model, small and compact (€59.95) and a broader version in bucket style Arosa Splatter(€79.95).

The collection also a mini colorful and lively bag, the Varsovia Marine with decorations and stripes and perforated (€59.95).

Yellow handbag Rotterdam Blick is faux leather and seems to scream “summer”, perfect for those who want to maintain a more sober look without sacrificing color. The Rotterdam Blick also you can also find black coral (cost €79.95).

Desigual also proposes three bags with the same patterned red, black and fuchsia: a mini bag with side pockets (€69.95), the shoulder strap Bandolera Stroker (€59.95) and the bowling bag with handles and detachable shoulder strap (€95).

In the collection there is also the great Rotterdam Far West, embellished with colorful mandalas and jute weaves on the sides (€79.95). In the same fantasy we also find the shoulder model (€59.95).

No shortage of bags with tribal fantasies as the bag with double handle Liberty Afrika Love (€69.95).

3. T Desigual Spring/Summer 2016

The shirt Mars has an embroidered heart, is long and very decorated (€89.95).

Desigual also reinvents the navy style with colors and lines in the mesh Dorothy made ​​of viscose and cotton (€79.95).

Desigual also offers two blouses: the Yees with colored floral print on sleeves in contrast with white arabesque design (€69.95), the blouse Oslo is chiffon oversized with ethnic press (€59.95).

Finally, the beautiful T-shirt Neptuno has details decorated with sequins, thread, crystals and tulle at the neck and sleeves (price €69.95).

What do you think of this lively and colorful collection? What would you buy for your spring/summer ?