Different Types of Beachwear

Winds start to get hot, the sun stopped shining by their absence and longing for sand and salt begins to acknowledge. It’s time to get ready for the la plage! But equally important it is to actually be on the beach, it is equally important to dress properly and catch beachbaben within you!

Maybe it’s not often we think of clothing when going to the beach, quite the contrary, but we would say that thebeach clothes are just as important as your swimsuit: they can protect, conceal or highlight a style. Check out our favorites among beach clothes for the summer in 2016 on thedressexplorer.com.

The white shirt

The white shirt is a classic. Not only is it stylish, cool and stylish, it also protects from the sun’s strong rays when you might have a aningens much sun on your shoulders. Want to Spice up your shirt is one tip is to tie the last part of the shirt in a hub stylish, cool and trendy!


Another favorite beach is the clothes kimono . It is easy to wear over other garments, light and thin, which makes it convenient and easy to just pull on when to go and buy ice cream. Just as the shirt is also a garment that protects against the sun’s powerful rays.


The hat can not really be classed as a garment, but it is absolutely one of the accessories that are most important at the beach. Not only is it a very cool attributes to a beach outfit, it also keeps your head cool and your best friend when you feel like reading a book.

Jean shorts

Is there anything more summery than a couple of really nice Levi’s denim shorts?We do not believe it! In addition, select a pair of denim shorts higher. Check out beachbaben right, is not denim shorts are a favorite among beach clothes?


Comfortable, cute and practical: that’s the motto of the most classic garment from beach clothes, beach dress. Equally sommarfin and easy, as easy it is to just throw on when you’re tempted to pull down the beach. Our tip is to choose an a-line shape and oversize dress in a bright color. Furthermore, preferably in a sheer material to really emphasize that beach-and summer feeling.