Different Types of Belts

I am currently on the search for a beautiful new belt. Therefore have I look around me, what currently ever so there’s and would like to share that with you.

Bright And Colorful Belt

My “favourite” comes first. The light left above in the photo. Why? I already have Brown, black, silver, gold. Therefore, as a white is it really something new! Also, I like the crocodile design plus the hint of red and fliederne color that looks like about you somewhere over geschrappt. Very casual!

Metallic Belt

Metallic and predator look in one is already a daring combination, right? But pretty cool for simple outfits. I try to imagine just that so a belt looks great when someone entirely in black is energized. Very chic!


The belts have the genuine vintage look and look like James Dean had that already.Great, I find that not only the leather has a “used” look, but also the buckle looks as if she’s some years under his belt. It fits just great!

Studded Belt

Studded belts are long. This work here on silver and pastel-brown leather by the occasional small colorful glitter stars very young and feminine.

Patchwork Belt

Patchwork leather reminds me of the 70s. As it was ever modern, but now is going to be the material and color mix.


Croco belt in various colors are also totally in. The blue suits of course wonderful jeans.

Business belt

Business belt are very simple from the clasp to the material, as proexchangerates says. Therefore I am going today not even closer on it. Only so much: Shoes and belt should have the same color in the business. In practice that is sometimes a challenge in shades of Brown, because manufacturers now all have highly specialized and not all manufacturers offer both. But it can be done!

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What do you care in the future? I’m looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.Thank you very much!