Different Types of Wallpaper for Home Decoration

A few years ago, if someone said that it would be possible to renew the look of the home environment without going through a renovation, you would not believe, is not it? The development of the decoration market has given rise to innovative products that guarantee practicality, convenience and of course beauty to your projects. This is the case of decorative coatings, self – adhesive parts that can be applied on any surface, especially on the tiles. Because they have numerous choices of prints, these products are suitable to give a special touch to the wall where there is coating as bathroom, kitchen or laundry. The renovation of the space happens instantly and no secrets. The surface only needs to be clean. Then simply take the layer that protects the region of the glue and apply the product. The decorative coating also has the benefit of being able to be superimposed on curved or straight edges. This is possible precisely because the adhesive has adhesiveness to the surface in different ways. Before buying the parts, however, check the size of the space where you want to install them. The products are sold in standard packaging of 25 pieces and measures between 10 X10 cm, 15 cm and 20 X15 X20 cm. Because they are made ​​of PVC, the coatings can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Just avoid using abrasive items to avoid damaging the print.

Why the decorative coating is different from the wallpaper?
The wallpapers suitable for humid environments are available on the market called vinyls. See the main differences between this product and coatings:

– The vinyl paper, suitable for bathroom and kitchen, has grip on surfaces of masonry, not tiled. Since the coating is particularly suitable for this type of piece;
– For the installation of roles, you must purchase a special glue. The decorative coating, in turn, already has its own;
– The coating is sold for individual parts, and the wallpaper has standard size of 53 cm x 10 meters;
– Remember, both parts are important for the decoration of environments – each with its function.

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