Different Types of Womens Handbags

Before offering you one you crazy for weeks, you know that choosing her purse by its morphology can really change your figure? We give our advice.

Different Types of Womens Handbags

Adapt the Handbag by Morphology

This title has surprised you and you wonder what that might mean? Well aware that even if there is no ban in fashion, the same handbag will not give all the same rendering on all women.

It is adapting her purse by its morphology. A woman of 1m50 for example, can hardly wear a very large handbag without appearing to lug a suitcase, which is not necessarily the desired effect.

If one is very large and round, a small bag will not adapted.

Whether to impose her look, also know that it needs to be adapted to its size. Do not worry, the tips are very simple and quite logical. Discover them as well as our selection of handbag.

Which handbag is right for me?

1-If You’re Petite

As mentioned a little earlier, if you are small, it is better to mention the very large bags too big. They crush your figure and accentuate your small size, it is not the goal. Rather prefer a small bag or pouch-type clutch.

The bonus: you can afford all kinds of worn (on the shoulder, bandouillière, hand …). The current market offers a wide choice of shapes, materials and colors. There’s just have fun.

2-If You are Medium or Large

Conversely small sizes, better opt for a medium sized handbag large (to your taste).Some fashionistas advise not to invest in a too big accessory. If you are of this opinion, choose a bag that will perfectly fit your figure.

Little touch of humor: some stars have told the press that more purse is big, ass seems less bulky!

Regarding focused, better prioritize bandouillière or shoulder. Attention to ensure that the strap of the bag does not cut your chest in two, it breaks the harmony of the silhouette and give an unsightly effect.

3-If You are Round

If you have a round morphology, best avoided handbags too round, they accentuate the roundness effect. Rather we play on the rectangular or square handbags to balance and harmonize the silhouette morphology.

4-If You’re Petite

For morphologies fine instead, the focus will be on round bags that will soften the silhouette and blend this purpose “rangy” given by your body.

Here are tips to help you choose your handbag to suit your body type. Beware though, you are the only judge whether you are beautiful .

If you have a crush on a handbag which does not necessarily correspond to your body, do not deprive yourself either. After all, the rules are sometimes made for broken beings…