Disclosure: Apple’s Sapphire Crystal Scratch Too Easy [Video]

Sapphire glass is in theory almost impossible to scratch-but that you find on Apple’s iPhones are contaminated, so it scratches too easily.

A smartphone camera can easily be scratched if it comes in close encounters with materials such as sand and some metals. Therefore it seems then as a bright idea, since Apple decided to protect their iPhones from the 5S onwards with a layer of Sapphire Crystal.

Sapphire glass is extremely scratch resistant, as it scores 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that only diamond is hard enough to scratch Sapphire surfaces.

A video from YouTuberen JerryRig Everything travel, however, questions about the quality of the Sapphire Crystal Apple uses in their smartphones.

In the film clip seen it that elements with a hardness of 6 can actually scratch the surface on Apple’s optics. By comparison, keeps the sapphire glass on a watch from Swiss Tissot to 8 on the same scale.

Apple’s Sapphire is contaminated with glass

Ridserne on Apple’s iPhones in the video will be analyzed in more detail. Here it turns out that ridserne consists of micro-prækker, which is evidence that it is impurities in the sapphire glass, which causes the glass to scratch more easily than pure Sapphire.

A subsequent analysis by XRF scanner and through the electron microscope reveals that Apple’s sapphire glass contains 10 percent ordinary glass – which suggests that it is in the team in the theory of the impurities.

In the video will be there at the same time gisnet about why Apple has opted out of using pure Sapphire Crystal. Here highlighted an Apple patent, where just the mix of glass and Sapphire shall be referred to as a way to reduce manufacturing costs.

Below you can see the revealing video, where Apple’s sapphire glass is subjected to extensive scratching tests.