How to Look Flawless for a Wedding

At a wedding, there are two possibilities: horrify everyone with our clothing or assert our style and elegance. Here I will teach how to get flawless to a wedding:

What you should take into account when choosing the outfit for a wedding

The first thing: you have to stick to the dress code on the invitation. If no, you should take into account place, time and climate.

Weddings performed on the day, either outdoors or in a room: for this type of recommended short dresses in fluid fabrics. You can also choose designs with patterned fabrics.

Weddings that are held in the evening in a garden: use a dress short or long, but with lightweight fabrics. They can even be printed.

Weddings performed at night in a room: you can opt for a short or long dress, but it must be a luxurious appearance.

Tag weddings: for this type of wedding is recommended to always use elegant long dresses.

Learn how to interpret the codes of wedding dress

Tag rigorous or gala: always have to opt for a beautiful long dress. Forget about three quarters and short dresses.

Formal: uses a cute short dresses to the knee; I suit with jacket and skirt or pants. Always wear high heels or medium.

Cocktail: uses a short dress elegant and combine it with beautiful shoes with a stiletto or medium.

Formal Beach: opt for long dresses or shorts in fresh and fluid, fabrics that can be stamped with floral motifs. It combines these dresses with sandals or heels run.

Discover what you should not use a wedding day and one night

  • In the marriage that is performed on the day should not be used suits or dresses with embroideries of stone or opulent or excessive glare.
  • If the wedding or ceremony is to be performed on the beach, I recommend that you never use velvet dresses.
  • Do not use or very low-cut night club clothing, since they can give an inadequate picture.
  • Never opt for white or very light-colored dresses.
  • Never carry your daily accessories at the wedding.

Discover how the others in honor of a wedding dress

  • They have to look appropriate and always follow the instructions that the future spouse makes them.
  • They never have to go very low-cut.
  • Do not use accessories that highlight them much of the other ladies.