Diy: a Very Frugal Kitchen Clock

After the long – and not so warm – summer, autumn, the new year comes and with it new purposes. One of mine for this season is to take a little time to participate again in the “Frugal weekends” Marcela and your Colorín Colorado.

I love the challenge posed to think in Simple DIY ideas, normally quick to perform and which, with very little get to give new life to objects that we had already discarded old, ugly or useless.

The kitchen clock that you teach today meets all requirements: ease, speed, and recycling.

Just follow the instruction of localtimezone step by step!


As you are going to see all used is recycled, or Tools and materials that we have at home usually. In this case I’ve used:

An advertising wall clock
A painted paper cut
A zig-zag scissors
A brush
White tail


Choose the clock you want to use, if you can recycle one old, better, if not, you can buy a simple and cheapie model a “hundred” or oriental bazar and “give good atmosphere” with this DIY.
Dismantling the clock mechanism. Do it carefully because, if we bend or break the needle, they might not work later.
Draws the reason you choose on the paper and cut it with the zig-zag scissors, in this way the form it will be “crowned”. If the clock is advertising, it is best to follow the same way having the frame of the clock, but if there is no logo that hide… imagination!
White glue on the paper applied brushor. In addition to paste it, the light coating of varnish that leaves the queue will protect the paper. Let it dry a bit.
Reassembled the clock mechanism, putting it in an hour and… now!

As you can see, mine was a savings box advertising 😉

I used a cutout of a juvenile role to take advantage of moles.

The white-tailed, what would we do without it!

The final result 🙂

The kitchen was still riding half – missing the table, chairs,… –

but the clock already has their site 😉
What do you think? As I said to begin, an easy, fast and attractive DIY everything a clock in your kitchen. I don’t know if you can happen to you, but I could not live without it! If it weren’t for the clock, not arrive at the time to school or a single day 😉

* With this post participated in the “weekend Frugal 49” Marcela and her Colorín Colorado *

Happy weekend to tod@s!!