DIY Gift idea? Boots and Wool Slippers

December is almost here and it’s time to think about gifts! “Ah, gifts, finances goodbye, farewell thirteenth!”. Well, actually it is said, you know? Among the gifts that I have always appreciated, there are some that are just part of the class … At no cost! Are those gifts DIY manual skill born and recycling which, in addition to respecting the environment, make happy those who receive them: is not it better sometimes a gift that required commitment, time and sweat rather than a gift catch on If in the “Ideas for Christmas” department? I guarantee that the person who will receive the gift will be happy designed specifically for you! It was with this in mind, wandering around the net, I found a website, , explaining how to recycle old wool sweaters to make nice slippers and boots. Curious? Here are the instructions to achieve them!


To achieve slippers or woolen boots must transform our sweater dusty and forgotten in boiled wool or felt. You will tell you “But how can I?”. Easy! To obtain the wool, simply wash the old sweaters in pure high-temperature wool. However to get the felt need to wash them in hot water with Marseille soap and a long manual manipulation. It is with these two materials that can be made ​​accessories, jewelry, picture frames, brooches, but also slippers and boots!


Let’s start with the shoes from home. Get a piece of paper, draw the imprint of your foot and cut it. Supports the model on the processed wool felt, taking care to leave, in cutting the imprint, a space necessary for shaping the edges and then abounding with the size. It considers that the wool, felted, tends to retreat. Cut two identical fingerprints, taking care to create an impression within an elongated hole which will then be the part inside of which will be inserted the foot.Obtained the two sides together sew them: you can do it by hand with needle and thread or with a sewing machine. I hope I was clear but, otherwise, you can find other explanatory photographs of Craftstylish.


As for the boots, the procedure is even simpler! It should cut the sleeves of an old sweater and, by stuffing on the calf, take measurements of the desired length of the leg. Once removed the leg and cut (or sewn inside) the fabric to the desired size, you have to apply a layer of glue over the vamp of an old pair of shoes (sandals are also good). Fold the ends of the outer tube of about one centimeter and attacks this part to the upper. Leave to dry and voila, the boot is done! You can then embellish with buttons, pins, applications and anything else. What do you think? Like as an idea?