DJI Mavic Pro-4 K-Drone That Can Follow You Everywhere

DJI launches Mavic a compact foldable drone with advanced features that give GoPro rear wheel.

When your next adventure to test, you can either have the camera on you-or see things a bit from above by letting a drone stand for filming.

Should footage be of reasonable quality, it has so far been synonymous with that drone was supposed to be big, heavy and complicated. Something like Chinese DJI makes up with the advanced DJI Mavic.

As with GoPro recently launched Karma can Mavic folded, but the filling it half and weighers a quarter less in collapsed mode. 

On the video front, matching the GoPros Karma Drone on the specifications with both 4 k and a 3-axis gimbal stabilisation. -the integrated design allows, however, that the camera cannot be replaced.

As in GoPro 5 is the camera at 12 megapixels provides photos in both standard JPG and DNG format. The body of the field of vision is narrower with 78 degrees against 94 degrees in DJI Phantom 4 and up to 170 degrees in the Hero 5.

Flight time can be up to 27 minutes, which together with a max speed of over 60 km/h, means that you can easily reach the 4.3 kilometers which is the antenna range.

Better wireless controller

It is not only drone that has gone on a diet. The actual remote control have also become more compact, and it now houses only a smartphone. DJI Mavic can be simultaneously controlled over Wi-Fi only with the corresponding DJI app installed on the smart phone.

Although it is smaller, you can now live streame in Full HD, against ordinary HD resolution in Phantom 4.

Mavic is trying at the same time, to simplify management by offering more automatic and semi-automatic flyvemømstre, where it will follow the user or fly predefined routes.

The computer on Board shall ensure, at the same time to be able to see and recognize the obstacles in its path, and srøger automatically in order to steer clear of them.

DJI Mavic Pro can be ordered from today to 1,199 indicative euro, equivalent to approximately 9,000 SEK.