Do It Yourself: Decoration Tips!

This weekend was well fulfilled for those amended with the Thursday holiday, isn’t it? I did a lot of things and I’m here to show you the art I set kkkk. Thursday I was in Paraguay (2 and a half hours here in Campo Grande), bought there some frames to assemble a panel of paintings in the guest room here at home. The wall was very dull and I needed a start to create something with my face, cheerful and fun! And also, it’s more of a corner of the House to make pictures for the blog, YouTube and instagram. We always need to do this, there are scenarios so much!!!

As I wanted something good and cheap, I gave a google and I took some pictures and phrases that I like, I took some pictures of the artist Nina Pandolfo and some phrases of the site good things happen, I sent print to a fast graphics according to the sizes of frames that I I bought and then went on a frame shop, those who make fast. There I had the frames I chose and asked them to put a ringlet in the frames so that I could put on the wall, I ripped the rod that sits behind the picture frame to make it flush with the wall. The frames are interesting elements for decoration of walls, whether they be prints, pictures or paintings. Saturday was all done, after all, I love different décor!

I took the domingão, face clean, clothes start staying home and was pounding the wall, I admit I was kind of boring and I couldn’t, my wall is tough like a rock, put a nail and opened a hole in the wall kkkkkkk, ai called for help to a friend super smart and she came m and help, she says you have to put a piece of masking tape on the wall and then the nail, and so it was that in the blink of an eye my comics were all placed on the wall, yuppiiiiii. That’s my darlings, I wanted to show you something I did and I loved it!

Check it

See the before and after!

Look at the picture frames and picture frames that I used!

Hands-the workforce!

I’ll put more frames, my mission is still not accomplished me wait kkkkk