Do You Know What the Cycle Chic Movement Is?

Xycle Chic is a movement that advocates being able to pedal in style, without having to be an athlete or facing the activity as a sports practice. The idea is to retire the fitness clothes and adopt the use of ordinary clothes, used in their daily commitments.

The ease of Cycle Chic is pleasing to many people: both those who stopped pedaling because they did not like sports clothes, who could not get to work wearing gym clothes or found it difficult to have to change clothes when they arrived at the appointment. With this, the idea was spreading throughout the world, including in Brazil.

The goal behind this movement that started a few years ago in Europe is to make cycling seen as a common means of transportation in cities, not just as a hobby or a sport. Those who adopt this style of getting around the city, even in large urban centers, end up being more committed to other ideals, such as quality of life and sustainability.

One of the characteristics of the Cycle Chic movement is exactly the search for this closer relationship with the city. It is a peaceful way of claiming the presence of more bikes on the streets, so it is considered a form of cyclo-activism.

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Style up to medium of transport

Who likes this concept and uses the bike to get around also likes to customize their bike. Many choose older models and there is even space for specific accessories such as baskets, bags and gloves to increase the skin. There are also shops aimed at supplying this market and professionals specializing in bicycle customization. It is a way of showing your personality through your means of locomotion and also of adapting it to your needs.

In addition, these personalized bikes end up bringing more safety to its owner, since being very different ends up inhibiting possible thefts. This happens because it is quite easy to identify bikes so different and personal.

How it came about

The Cycle Chic movement came in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark, when photographer, Cyclo-activist and filmmaker Mikael Colville-Andersen created a blog called Copenhagen Cycle Chic to publish photos of city-style cyclists. The following year, the idea began to spread and became known worldwide.

According to the photographer, the Cycle Chic is not a new idea, the movement only seeks to rescue the habit of wearing normal clothes to pedal, as had happened since the emergence of the bike.

Denmark is known for incorporating cyclists into their daily lives-more than half the country’s population uses the bicycle as a means of transport. According to Mikael, the idea is that all you need to pedal is to have a bicycle, it is perfectly possible to pedal in your everyday clothes. For him, those who use the bike for racing and other sporting purposes will need suitable accessories and clothing, but for those who want to use it as a means of transportation for their daily commitments, simply open the closet.