Dock of the Motorola Milestone

For serving and where to buy the dock of the Milestone. The Motorola Milestone, out there known as Droid, is a mobile phone advanced features, comparable to the N97 and Iphone 3 g. Runs Android, has a square design, which was criticized by many. Overall it’s an excellent quality that doesn’t disappoint in the segment in which it is classified.

In addition to the tradition of the brand Motorola and powerful hardware, the Motorola Milestone comes with a base where you can leave it charging the battery and synchronizing data with the computer.

Dock of the Motorola Milestone: What Is It?

This base is called “Dock”. She has a micro USB connection on the back where you can connect the data cable or the wall charger. To be placed in the Dock, the Droid change their operation and allows you to view slides of pictures or even act as a super advanced alarm clock radio! Everything will depend on the apps that are installed, which may give even greater utility to the Dock.

Functions of the Dock of Milestone

Officially, the functions of the Milestone by using the Dock are synchronizing the Droid with the PC and the internet play songs, and view videos and photos in slideshow mode. It is worth saying also that the appliance placed in the Dock becomes a great bedside clock. With a loud alarm, wake up even the most sleepy head!

Milestone Dock Accessories

The Dock of the Milestone comes with the included USB cable, and the devices sold by Alive along with data plans already include the Dock (Jul/2010). It may seem silly an accessory like this that it is not so cheap if purchased separately, but formalises a utility that every cell phone you already have: work as an alarm clock.

Now he can sit quietly in the nightstand next to the bed and super interesting features as well as a clock radio. Furthermore avoids connect and disconnect the cable from the device every time you synchronize or load. Although there is a connection just like the dock, she is fixed in the dock and avoids forcing the connector manually to remove the cable.

The Dock of the Motorola Milestone is sold in Brazil by some users of the free market. In specialty stores is still not easy to find for sale! Do you have one? What do you think of the Dock?